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  1. With the upcoming announcement we want to know what you think the team size should be we are going to give you a few options.
  2. The videos do look pretty good, I have requested to join their facebook group
  3. We have officially signed our contract for development of our new eSports Platform. It will be integrated with the site for the most part and will offer some pretty nice features. We will release more info soon. Estimated development time is 8 to 12 weeks. This decision to go with our own system has not been taken lightly and is one of the largest investments we have made for Urgent Fury. We are not purchasing an out of the box system like we have tried in the past and believe us when we say we are investing in a long term partnership with the development firm. Our initial term 16 months of development of support with an open ended support contract following that. This will ensure our preparation for the launch of some upcoming titles as well as integration directly into many titles in the future. We have already brought on a new Sales Director, a long time friend to begin working on sponsorship packages for new cash prize tournaments as well. Stay tuned as we prepare to provide more information along the development cycle. Please reply to this post with any additional questions or comments.
  4. Well ladies and gents, I will say that the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 has by far been the roughest as you can imagine for many of us... Personally I have lost my mother unexpectedly right after Christmas, I got a promotion at work that has changed my job duties like crazy and now we have this whole COVID-19 mess going on. COVID-19 First off as a Red Cross Instructor, please follow these recommendations to help keep you safe from COVID-19 We of course want to let you know we care about your safety and encourage you to be safe out there... What you may not know Urgent Fury launched last year. We are doing quite well teaching First Aid, CPR, AED and Basic Life Support Classes all over Texas. With that being said we are going to continue teaching our classes and we are following our directives from the American Red Cross to ensure a safe and fun environment for all of our students. AAPG Season 4 We are finally through all of the trials, errors and tribulations to get this going. We will kick of Season 4 Live on Twitch on Sunday March 22nd, 2020 at 9pm cst with 10 teams. Tournament Staff Applications are now open Its no secret that I have been very overwhelmed with all that is going on lately. So we are now taking applications for a couple of staff members that are willing to volunteer some time towards assisting with managing our tournaments. We really want serious inquiries, and you will see in the application that we have several questions that require a thought out response, please fill this out completely if you want to join our team. Go to to apply.
  5. Good to see you still strong, we hear this from many of the clans from the good 'ol days
  6. Here at Urgent Fury we take our Motto very seriously. Even more so we take honesty and integrity very seriously. Season 3 of Boot Camp has been riddled with controversy and accusations of Pro Tribe using players from outside of North America. Several participating clans brought this information to us but were not able to provide more than circumstantial evidence of conversations and basically people trolling. With that being said we were not able to act on the issue at the time. After the completion of the season we made our move to finalize the investigation with having the two final teams register their rosters on the website. Upon this we found that Pro Tribe tried to hide the identity and location of one of their players. However through our systems we were able to without a doubt substantiate that a player was indeed not located in North America. Based on these findings we have no other choice than strip Pro Tribe of their Season 3 Championship title and remove them from future play in Urgent Fury until December 31st, 2020. Now had clan leadership owned up to this earlier the penalties would not have been as severe. Please take note of this, honesty goes a long way. Even more so instead of trying to cheat just simply following the rules from the get go will always be the right way to go. Good luck in your future ventures. As we announced going forward all players in Urgent Fury will be required to register on both Urgent Fury and Toornament. Soon we will also require all players to validate their PSN. Urgent Fury Administration
  7. We have been silent for the last few weeks as we have been bombarded by speculation about ineligible players in Season 3... The problem is we cannot prove anything at this point and by proof I don't mean someone saying they are somebody in a discord just to troll everyone... the integrity of Urgent Fury has now been threatened to the point that we have Season 4 on hold. We are currently working to get API access with PlayStation so that all and I mean ALL players will have to authenticate their account with their PSN on the UF website. While we wait for this process, moving forward and leading up to the open of Season 4 registration, all users will have to do the following steps: Register an account on UF Once you have completed your reservation, you will go to and follow these steps: Click on Edit Profile and scroll down to Profile Information and enter your PSN Go to and create and connect a Toornament Account If you have a discord account go to and connect your Discord Account The fact that we are in this position just proves further that we have to restructure how we handle our online events even more. Our community is built around Honor and Dignity. That is on both sides of the fence, winning or losing we expect everyone to follow our motto. We have received several complaints, accusations, screen shots of conversations with no concrete evidence. At this point the whole community is now up in arms and trolling each other to the point of tearing it apart. In addition to this we require all Members of Pro and 2FNRaw from the current roster follow this process within the next 7 days. If this is not completed the results from Season 3 will be nullified. Our users privacy is one of our most important priorities so any concerns by registering on the site can be set aside. To be an active player in our tournaments going forward will require that you register on Urgent Fury and Toornament going forward.
  8. Welcome I love the Name Pwncakes thats awesome, welcome to UF
  9. Happy 4th of July everyone we are proud to announce a beta feature for your enjoyment, you have been asking for this and its not the greatest but its a start. Go to and start putting your teams together for the America's Army Proving Grounds Beta Ladder for PS4. There is still a bit of work to do on this but first step is to get teams registering... we are going to model the rules after boot camp and we would love to get your feedback on more details. Please reply to this topic with feedback!
  10. John and I are currently in discussions about this, but banned is probably not the right term... our tournaments are by invite. As it stands we have not 100% decided if you will be invited to future events after your clan rep felt the need to publicly say that we are showing favoritism, accusing us of being crooked bastards, etc. While we have had several emails with your rep, we have not made a decision yet. As we said in the responses on the public social media post, holding us responsible for issues with the actual development with the game and calling us crooked based on issues with the actual game does not help the situation. Give us a few days to come to a decision.
  11. The Season 2 Championship for UF Boot Camp on America's Army is this Sunday May 5th, 2019 at 9pm streamed live on Twitch Who do you think is going to win?
  12. We have slowly implemented upgrades to the Communities App to give you more flexibility to make them your own... This week we added the ability to add custom pages... here is a full list of features available to create your own free community for your clan, gaming community or organization. Features included with your community: Customized community home page Create custom pages Create Tutorials Create Video Directory Create Blog Create Forums Manage membership Community Types Public Everyone can see the community and its posts, and can participate without joining. Open Everyone can see the community and its posts, but only members can participate. Everyone can join. Closed Everyone can see the community and who's in it, but only members can see posts and participate. Users need to ask a leader to join. Private Only members can find the club and see its posts. Users need to be invited by a leader to join. Create Paid Membership Communities One time payment Recurring payment * 3.5% + 0.50 per payment to cover processing* Home page design: Images Custom html (we will remove any unsafe code) Text Your imagination is your only limitation Additional page design: Images Text Your imagination is your only limitation Limit 2 Communities per user Spec Ops Premium Features Create unlimited amount of communities Create Read Only Communities Everyone can see the community and its posts, but only members can participate. Users need to be invited by a leader to join.
  13. Welcome to UF, we are just about to finish Season 2 of AAPG Boot Camp if that is what you are referring too... we will start Season 3 soon
  14. We have completed the integration with the Discord Server, you now have to be a registered member of the website to access the Discord Server. Your display name on the server will match your UF Display Name. For those that would like to change your name can do so in your account settings. Keep in mind there is a limit of 2 times per 90 days for this. If you subscribe to our premium ad free experience you can change your display name once every month. We have added a Tutorial for this: We have also added a new deactivate/delete account feature to be in compliance with GDRP. Remember if you delete your account it is irrecoverable. Your content will remain on the site. We are continuing to evolve with the Community that is powered by the Invision Community Suite. Soon we are going to work on a front end redesign making the initial visit to the site more appealing and provide a better understanding of what we are about. We will also be assessing the forum structure to consolidate areas, archive old stuff and make it more simple. New features: Over the last few months we have added several new features: Tutorials You can create your own tutorials as well Testimonials Tell us about your experience here at Urgent Fury Blogs Staff Blogs, Member Blogs and Blogs for your Community Automated Role assignment on the Discord Server based on your Member Group Awards System Account Deactivation Community Enhancements Create a Custom Home Page Blogs Tutorials Removed Ads from areas like creating posts Better Subscription Options Upcoming features: We are working on more integrations, this includes: Full integration of Toornament's eSports platform PSN Ingetration Making your Community Ad Free Automated Twitch Sub Rewards Removed Features: Tapatalk Integration has been removed