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  1. shane

    LPK Will not be Playing .

    So remember when I said we need alternate clans @Vendela_Marie well we have had a clan drop out and now we have an open spot... so if you follow the steps to registering your clan reps, you can be the clan to fill in this spot Or check the FAQ on Discord:
  2. shane

    Firewall Zero Hour

    All for making a league if we have enough people.
  3. shane

    Firewall Zero Hour

    We do not actually have a ladder system @PaulDPearl I did see the game being played at PAX South in Jan. The Army eSports guys were loving it. My only problem with it being VR only is the barrier to entry and how big the community really is. It would be pretty kool to have a league for it though.
  4. shane

    Season 2 Schedule

    You can find the season 2 schedule by going to
  5. shane

    LPK Will not be Playing .

    On Jan 7th, we posted the clan registration requirements It was also posted in the rules section on the Toornament listing: In addition to the several communications that were sent out. I don't know how else to explain this requirement. As for alternates, generally we will have alternates on stand by to come in the place of other clans if they drop out in the first week or two. While the dev team has done their best to prevent the usage of such controllers, we live in a day and age where Scuf controllers are a part of competitive gaming and cannot be prevented or governed in online events. But a blanket statement of half of the players on 24 different rosters are using modded controllers does seem a bit far fetched to be honest. We are truly sorry you did not respond to any of our communications before the deadlines. I am not sure what else we could have done outside of the contact information that was provided in your registration.
  6. shane

    LPK Will not be Playing .

    So here is what happened, we sent out around 7 emails, a psn message and numerous messages on discord for clans to complete their clan rep registration. We currently have 24 spots with 31 clans entering. We set the deadline to the 15th and extended to yesterday. Once we hit 24 clans yesterday with no response we closed registration. We however still need 2 alternates for the season. As for any disrespect, please let me know who is doing this as it is not acceptable.
  7. shane

    LPK Will not be Playing .

    @Chaka we are sorry to hear you will not be joining us for Season 2. We understand how hard it is right now as a Socom clan and the lack of a game. We hope you will continue to try and build on the America's Army front as we do not anticipate seeing a Socom being created any time soon.
  8. Will the underdog xDirtyEgox upset xBEMx tonight? Be sure to watch at 9pm cst and find out
  9. shane

    The Scenario Based TacMap

    Welcome to our first blog post from Urgent Fury headquarters. We are going to use this blog to keep the community informed on what we are working on here. We will occasionally post up some reviews or opinion pieces but mainly it will be Urgent Fury updates. When Urgent Fury started back in the Socom days, it was an exclusive invite only community. First you had to run into and play with a clan that was already a member and then you would be invited to go through a selection process called Hell Week. The landscape changed over the years and instead of an exclusive community, we made it a bit easier to be a part of the community. However to this day the Scenario based TacMap events continue to be by invitation only. There are several reasons for this including limited entries and clans will invest their time and attention into them knowing they are part of an event with such limited access. The brain child of original creators @TOW-19 and @SNIPER the Scenario Based TacMap Tournament took clan battles and leagues to a new experience. Suddenly you found your clan having to decide which clan was the best to attack and prepare for defending. Our last TacMap was POW II for Black Ops II, the second iteration of Prisoners of War adding another layer on top of the TacMap. Not only did you attack and defend, if certain parameters were met in a match, you could capture a POW from your opponent and take them out of the event. Every TacMap Tournament is unique to the game and story. The maps and modes each have a purpose, there are unique twists and turns in each event. Our next TacMap in development will be for America's Army Proving Grounds on PlayStation 4. In November we started our selection league called Urgent Fury Boot Camp. While our first season only garnered 9 clans, Season 2 has proven to us that there is a competitive community strong enough to sustain a 13 week TacMap. Yes 13 weeks, and in reality they have gone much longer than that. We proudly share our experience in a TacMap that had to be ended after over 30 weeks because we could not be eliminated out of our last territory. The staff tried everything, the other two clans tried everything, but we would not give up. So the stalemate formula was added to bring the event to an end and finding the final champion. What will the next TacMap have in store? You will just have to wait and see... We will be announcing very soon and remember TacMaps are an invitational only event. To be considered you must have completed a Season of UF Boot Camp with out withdrawing or being removed. Winners of each Season are guaranteed entry as long as they live up to our motto "Win with Honor, Lose with Dignity".
  10. Discord is the chat app we use: is the Urgent Fury Discord Server
  11. I'm not exactly sure what you mean? can you link me to what you are trying to look at?
  12. @xSkY91 to register your clan reps go to
  13. shane

    Super Bowl LIII Poll

    Yeah def got some work to do on the site
  14. shane

    Super Bowl LIII Poll

    It's been a while but time to pickem!!!! Who you got to win the Super Bowl this year? We almost put the Referees as an option to be honest lol.