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  1. J! E! T! S! JETS-JETS-JETS wooooooooooo.....I have hope...and a very little confidence but its still some
  2. --Titanium--


    Just for the record: The majority of JyK's cries for "respect" were mainly from immautre members (sometimes including Junk) that should have not been posting on the forums and we continue to apologize for that. As for "tougher competition", we will most certainly not be returning to Gamebattles. I speak for myself and my clan in that regard.
  3. Even though people take comments in a different way than others do, one thing a person should not do is change who they are to cater to a group of people on a forum. If you don't agree with Junk's comments, simply put it as: "Junk don't brag so much" or "Junk your terrible at Socom" ( ;D) or forever hold your peace.
  4. Undertow, please forgive my friend KingJunk. He has many problems. Disregard any post or comment that he may make, anywhere. ;D
  5. I hope he recovers fully :-[ He is one of my favorite safeties in the league.
  6. I've had my PS3 since July and never had a problem with it. After downloading the 2.00 update I was playing a game and in the middle of it, my ps3 stopped and said "cannot read disc, retrying operation." I believe the problem is the new update but whenever I put any kind of disc: ps3, dvd, cd ect. it does not read any of them. I'm not sure what to do, but I heard there is another update comming soon because of so many problems, others are having. Can anyone help?
  7. --Titanium--

    2 Word Game

    because he
  8. Putting the past behind us, this war will be as intense as it gets. Congratulations to [LTU] and [<N>] for making it to the final four and Good Luck to [APC], see you guys on thursday.
  9. One of the most respectable clans I have ever faced...we had some great wars against you guys. Congrats on making it this far. Good Luck in the future [LTU].
  10. Great run 101, you guys put up a hell of a fight in those wars, especially because we wared you guys so many times in the last few weeks. Very respectable clan, Good Luck in future wars, including UF BlackIII.
  11. YOur Joking right. The Pats came in this week with the Number 1 Def. The Cowboys D has gotten stronger through the weeks but the Pats have a better D. And pass rush. you can talk stats all you want but if you watch each team play individually, you will see, neither team has really played anyone good, plus dallas won last night after their offense had 6 turnovers
  12. Good match up, but Dallas will come out on top because their defense is superior.
  13. TBH you guys are a well trained clan. You had the glory when we battled for the first time on Threshold and we stole it from you the second time around... Great run, especially for a first time clan here. Best of Luck to you guys in the future.