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  1. basically its just getting socom 2 redone on the ps3 so you can use your bluetooth headset and better graphics... that is all ... plz vote!
  2. Hello UF Community ... its been a couple years since I've been involved on this site... but I have something that I'm sure a lot of you socom vets would love to help out or have already contributed to it.... its simple just vote on this issue to get Socom II remade in HD for the PS3.... P.S. Sorry if this is has been posted before but I didn't see this anywhere near the top posts.... Thanks Again, 5hadow. or Dure_Bala
  3. i won some money last year on this.... 140 $ or so good luck i signed up....
  4. from the video up above a few posts i guess the term seals went away and now we are called Commandos.... hmmm
  5. go kstate lol hometown team i remember a while back when it was kstate and oklahoma to were everyone said oklahoma was gonna roll right over them first possesion oklahoma scores ..... o geez here we go right ??? wrong FINAL SCORE KSTATE 35 OKLAHOMA 7 lol good times good timess....
  6. BOOT AJ NOW not a charger fan but LT and Gates should be doin a hell of a lot better than they are
  7. that reminds me of good old boomer from socom 1 who stepped in front of you when u were shooting at "terrorists" back when they were called that.....
  8. sorry to all u saints fans because BREES threw three ints and fumble twice i think and the final score TITANS 31 to Saints 14 and yes nash i agree vince is the biggest threat in the league but no body know it yet ;D ;D ;D
  9. go titans even tho they lost by 2 to indy still very proud of them :'( ;D lol watch out because Vince Young is a young new threat to the league just watch
  10. S-hit H-eads A-lmost D-ont O-nly W-in .- pretty self explainitory ... (period)
  11. im glad i read this i make videos for LA and i agree youtube does down grade the quality.... and thanks for the url ... it looks a lot better
  12. Dure_Bala

    [WeT] Strikerxxx

    yes RIP Strikerxxx the sad thing was i was playing with him the night before... :'(