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  1. Give me my COMMANDO controls and Im fine, thats one of the reasons I don't play the other socoms
  2. thats the best
  3. Keep it going, it help with people having to listen to orders and restrictions LOL. sometimes. Im ready for a 16^ 16 in fact P~K is revamping our roster to support that tourn. As long as we have that to look forward too, we will always support the no boomer !!!!!
  4. I tip my hat to you sir, there are somethings certain people were meant for. Seeing death first hand is not something anyone can handle. Good luck to you in the future, hope you never have to handle anything like that again
  5. I know this sounds bad, but Im a firm believer in ghosts and demons, and those are my phobias right there. A while back my son said that he had a witch standing behind him in his room. I could definatly tell that he was scared shitless. It sent ripples down my spine. I got this weird feeling, let things go for the night. Talked to my father who knew the people that owned the house before us, the guys wife had passed away while they were living here. The night she died, my father was helping the husband out, once he was asleep in be he was talking to the daughter outside and he said he had seen someone walk in front of the picture window and went to go check on the husband because he was delerious with grief and didn't want anything bad to happen to him. When they got in there the husband was still sleeping. My father said he thought it was his wife coming to say goodbye to her husband.... all the same I had my father bless the house against any evil......ever since then, my son goes to bed alot easier. Doesn't say hes scared of his room.... on the other hand my daughter who is only 8 months old. She stared at something my wife and I can't see and will start to laugh uncontrollably. We feel there is something there keeping her entertained.... creeps me out bad, but at least shes laughing and not crying...... still scared though

    80gb PS3

    I always heard that the 80 was the only one compatable. If this is not true, please pm me and let me know. Been holding out for the 80. Could probably get a cheaper one LOL
  7. I had a dream actually more like a nightmare, it involved a sexy woman, with hour glass figure, we ended up on a seashore with a preacher and said "I do". The weird thing was when I said "I do" everything changed LOL anyone else have this nightmare?????


    I used to finish drywall by the square foot. For every square foot of drywall in a house I got 15 cents. Doesn't sound like alot but I made 47,000 dollars in just about 6 months..... and thats without a college degree lol. Downfall, there is really no retirement in construction unless you get with a company that has a decent 401k. So I'm looking into aircraft plants, decent pay and beni's good luck. Remember as long as you enjoy what you do you'll never have to work a day in your life
  9. unnaturalall finisher, I have had it so bad the doctors wanted to operate within 2 days. I lost range of motion in my wrists and would drop smaller items like pens and so forth. Cure: this will at least help. Some people sleep with there wrist in an unnatural position, causing lack of blood flow, creating numbness in your wrist that can last all day, wear a wrist brace at night to keep it straight. If that doesn't help vitamen B's like B B12 B c0mplex I took these to increase blood flow in my whole body, really helps. I'm not saying that I don't drop things from time to time, but I can at least hold on to my knife and not drop it. Thats a 10 dollar mistake everytime. Hope this helps, comes from experience......
  10. We've had wars like that, but not that good. Those are the moments you live for in Socom though, draw after draw and the ones with the most patience wins USSUALLY LOL Sounds like it was a real exciting night though

    Speaker Mic

    Yeah PS2 some of us are a little poorer than others :-[m lol at any rate, I had an old speaker like that coulcn't find it sound like it might be the way though

    Speaker Mic

    I did splice into the box on the usb side of the mic set. Sodered in a speaker wire, hooked it up to the speaker, just having problems with the volume level, don't have enough LOL I can still hear and so can she, just want it louder.

    Speaker Mic

    To be fair, I would have to have an on and off switch, the wife want to listen, shes a perv like that LOL. But if shes willing to listen, then shes not complaining about me being on....... thats right, you heard the whip cracking, I won't even deny it LOL

    Speaker Mic

    Im looking to make a speaker for the PS2, instead of having to wear the mic, I want everone in the room to be able to hear what is being said. But I still need to use the mic to talk. I know UF is filled with some smart people. Can we get some plans thrown up of something that would work with minimal work LOL Help the Diggler out PLEASE