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  1. Divine Knights has registered for the Urgent Fury Black Ops 3 League Submitted by: Naughty Team Name: Divine Knights Team Tag: DK Team Contact: xNavie & Naughty Team's Website: About Your Team: Divine Knights have been around for many years. We are a multi platform gaming clan. We have competed here and many other tournament sites playing Socom and Cod. Can your Team Win with Honor & Lose with Dignity?: Yes
  2. MissGlamour


    l4d or l4d2 tourny... ;D
  3. i <3333333 l4d!!! ;D i would like to play co-op or versus with anyone here as long as i dont get voted :'( like always
  4. fine, for anyone without a clan and stuff i made a 101 recruiting level on littlebigplanet !!! every1 play it and be like, wow now i wanna join 101 now ;D hearts too. name=Girls love 101st! ;D ;D ;D
  5. you will get your cupcakes when rooster sends me m&ms (peanuts)!!!!!!! ;D poor smilie cant be blind he has to watch as rooster eats him :'(
  6. i told you he needed eyes!! you cant have a blind cupcake lol and i thought you were sending me m&ms for him
  7. happy valentines!! heres my cupcakes lol ;D
  8. good luck -----------> !!!!!!
  9. hermie herms ill let you know ;D
  10. you can't save like throughout the level. i think that would make things a little too easy and boring lol ;D
  11. my media server has been turned off for a while but why is this happening to my ps3 and not the wii or 360?? i dont want a long wire going from 1 room into another. that would just look horrible lol i hate wires > and 1 of our ps3s is going to have to be wireless no matter what. we moved a few months ago and had cables in our attic going 2 out of 3 rooms in our house for internet or something. i dont know > i hate confusing internet stuff
  12. i dont know what to do though ??? the router and modem are across the hall in a seperate room
  13. my ps3 is wireless but my connection still always drops. but its weird cause its not like i get booted when i play socom. i dont get booted when im in game playing but i get booted when im just out in the main menu. i get booted off littlebigplanet all the time! :'( and i get booted off home and i get booted even when im not playing anything while im just at the xmb thing!!! > is there anything i can do to make my connection on ps3 stronger? i never get booted off my xbox and i play that wireless. i never lag there, i never had a error, i never got disconnected from any game. my xbox's connection is just perfect. and the wii that we have is same as my xbox, no connection problems. so thats why i dont know if its my internet or just my stupid ps3...? my xbox also has a wireless adapter. and yesterday when i was at best buy, i saw that xbox has like 2 wireless adapter things and i was wondering and if ps3 has any? so anyway i can have a good connection with ps3?? :-\
  14. this game is fun!!! im constantly screaming and getting scared lol but its still fun to play!!! ;D
  15. yeahhhhhhhhhh gears2 tourny pleaseeeeee!!!! ;D
  16. i dont see anything wrong with my sig. its not like you can see his huge package ;D but the wallpaper is in the ps3 store.
  17. i do have it hooked up to my ps3. and i know it works cause theres a blue light on and also i put up alot of stickers with it on littlebigplanet. and i downloaded that wallpaper and put it as my background but it wont work. but i dont know im just gonna mess with it later. thanks for the help!!
  18. yeah that was me lol i remember there was 2 of yall in tunnels and i was just laughing like the whole time
  19. yeah my sig is the hottness ;D but i guess no one here knows what im talking about :-\
  20. i downloaded a wallpaper and its supposed to be like when you move in front your cam little fish come or something. i dont know but basically its supposed to be interactive. how do you make it interactive cause mine dont work?
  21. aww i want that dog now but did you really have to teach it to turn on a light lol lazyness my dogs are stupid. my dogs only now know 1 trick. when i say "mmm" they run to me cause they know "mmm"=food lol and when i point somewhere, 1 of my dogs runs or looks to where i point looking for food. i think my dogs are like 1 of those dogs that are idiots but there looks make up for it so you look past the dumbness
  22. i dont know what hdmi is lol but i thought i did it right on ps3. i just hooked up the yellow, white, and red wires to the tv. and i been playing socom beta until i got the littlebigplanet beta so ive been playing that. its cute and fun!! ;D