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  1. Let me first start out by saying that Goat I love you man, you were always my favorite staff member from back in day for many reasons and why I had such a desire to even become a UF Ranger not to mention a Ranger Officer. I know your not on as much anymore yourself but I hope you see this. You sir are awesome. With that said I am submitting my resignation from the UF Rangers. For a long time I have been inactive on this site for many reasons, one was a job change that didn't permit me to hang around and post as often as I use to, life changes, people change and so forth. Hell some people probably don't even know who I am here but I have always done my best to defend UF and what it stood for for many years now under the current and old administration and under different clan tags. Drama has always followed this site and competitive clan gaming in general. Good luck to the remaining clans in UFIC I respect your decision to stay in, I also hope people respect the decision of the clans that dropped. The decision wasn't an easy one but for all the reasons that I'm sure most of you have read I personally thought it was the right one. Certain things around here have changed that I can no longer support. Without getting all Charlie Sheen on everyone I will make it short and sweet. This place just isn't what it use to be for many reasons a lot of them I can accept, however this one I can not. I have called this place home for many years, good luck to everyone its for the most part been a blast. I was hoping to get into that hall of fame twice with two different clans and that's the only thing I regret at this point. Peace out SnowBud
  2. Ya you have to do the gamestop beta now don't you? I think so even if you were in the private thats now over. Just go pre-order and get the code you should be good to go
  3. Unless your the kind of person that enjoys arguing I don't know how anyone could come to any different conclusion.
  4. LOL Well of course it wouldn't satisfy you, obviously nothing will. I have proven my point as have others. You argument was weak from the get go and it still holds no water no matter how you want to put your twist on it. FPS > TPS on Call of Duty.
  5. Ok its around 6 central There's 485,670 people on MW2 3rd person team tactical has 6,155/485,670 3rd person cage match has 4,494/485,670 so around 10,000 of almost 500,000 is playing TPS mode games. so if my math is correct and it may be wrong but 2% of people playing the game are playing TPS while a whomping 98% is playing FPS. Seems pretty "Overwhelming" to me There you go Covert, I did the work for you
  6. lol just depends on who you ask those teenagers goofin off in the back with the wood dont ask them If you really believe that HD employees know what they are talking about, I feel for ya. Most of the trade professionals HD hires usually leave in their first year. That means most of the ones left are people who went through the HD training, which is very inadequate. Especially since they are cross trained for all 2000 products they carry. Home Depot is full of misinformation and poor craftsmanship. I've been in this industry for almost 20 years and know what I'm talking about. Besides, he has Pedo bear humping The Karate Kid. That right there lends to his authenticity. Enough said folks, nothing else to see here

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