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  1. ya sorry guys false alarm was getting scared there for a sec, thought it had sumthin to do with the PS3 patch...
  2. Ive tryed the public rooms in 4 different servers and there all the same, the lag is unbearable its keeps booting the rooms and warping ppl around map..... Is any1 else having this problem? its been happening in the last hour
  3. hands down socom 1 all the way, hit detection was near perfect, rarely any lag at all, the only bad thing was the cheaters and they coulda easily patched that if they had too.
  4. for sum reason im only 1 that didnt get booted and am still in war room we are having same problems with invites...i can send but no1 can receive
  5. lmao i read the first paragraph and then read it to every1 on my team in a full 16v16 medly and got them all going...they all belived it and so did i lol
  6. ya i saw that right after i posted but my opinion stills stands on the guy who approves this shit.
  7. well i for 1 have no problem paying to play online, ive been saying this from the start that this is what they should hurts me to say this cause i hate xbox with a passion, but they had it right from the start..i mean look at there servers and universal f list it amazes me there is so much you can do on it and every game ive seen on Xbox is lag free and hit detection is near perfect. Is $8-$12 dollars really so bad a month?? A perfect example for pay and play online game for playstation is final fantasy online, i played it for abit when it came out and there is so much detail and so many people playing at once in the same server and u rarely see lag and i was playing on my PS2. So it just goes to show that it is possible to create a near perfect game especially on a PS3 with the technology in it cause it definitly surpasses Xbox by a mile.
  8. oh ok kool so i guess they didnt crash then
  9. who every approves these updates should be fired, then hung, and then shot cause a monkey could see that its not even close to ready yet....been getting alot of feedback from a few clan members and all ive herd is its worse then before and also as of 2pm EST the server crashed and they cant get back on.
  10. yo street next time your on add me PSN is Goldbug96 well play a few.
  11. Thanks all of you!!! ;D Great game LTU!!! Also like to thank UF staff for another great tourny and letting us be apart of it.
  12. STREETSWEEPER!!!! wutsup man long time no see, u guys on the new game?
  13. damn i like that 1 that attaches to the controller thats sick...hopefully the big man in the red suit is good to me this year ;D