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  1. Well number one we flipped out after the facf we didnt in cuz of bull shit. so us not getting in had nothing to do with this. sorry i dont dick ride on a video game
  2. ya well sorry tow im a lil mad cuz some of us got screwed cuz of people n?now ur saying we glitch. thats bs.
  3. See thats real mature . hmm where?n the?rules did?it?say no?famas. cuz the mercs have em dawg face it u cant hang with us i knew from the getgo we wouldnt get in. we are to known on the game. n did we bitxh yesterday by getting kiled with rpgs. nope so you 40 year old faggots get a life
  4. See the problem is i think they r scared of a repeat of last year with jyk. they were a rookie clan n took it all n they dont want that again
  5. Im just saying i have made a huge step with changing the way we act. n your right about lead n?hunter i didnt see that?one but anyway i was?in ea* since its?formation from late s2 to the begining of s3. i have been around for a long time. your asking yourself what does this have to do with anything well i found a couple of lithuanians n joines Ltu. so i have been n uf wars before so i know what uf is about. but ne who i recently just got back to ea n we r?just trying to do sum tournaments . so thats it
  6. Ya man i totally understand what your?saying. CAuse of our past make youru guys look a little deeper. Thats fair. I know we have to gain respect for all of?you before we can show you. ALl of our guys said how much fun they have been havinv n how much closer it broughf all of us. So when i say that?part of ea is over. But one thing is ya you eval members have a right to know about us and the clans that are n all the tournaments. just i dont agree that all the hell week people and people that dont even war on uf catch us as being that?shit talkinv clan. n its not even like that
  7. Why would u bring this back up. We wared this week n won all 5. We didnt say nothing bad or talk shit on anyone . we played fair n thats it . So u find shit to post about us. You were even there during hell week.We didnt say anything to any eval member. N We allready went over the bullshit i told everyone dont talk about us anymore .N there was 1 person who said something n he is no longer n EA* . I have 0 tolerence for little kid shit. there was 1 person from EA* saying shit on there but doesnt mean all of us so i do wat i have to do.
  8. Mgs was poop. the game itself was ok but online was super beat. I play a game for its online. NOt beating the game n a week n then do it again.
  9. Hey since we won a couple game n hell week so far n we r playing by the rules and we are going to continue to also but since the black tournament is winding down?for signups. since we still are n hell week does that mean we cant sign up or can we . The only reason i ask is because we won a game but still havent really been invite to uf yet.
  10. Bigherm


    Hey guys i know this isnt the correct part of the forums but it 8:40 est and we still havent recieved r contacts for tonights war. I was wondering if some1 can give us the heads up.
  11. it was a clear black night
  12. Bigherm


    ya the 16v16 part is gay but i still like the party ivte like how it was in cod but you couldnt join a regular room in cod
  13. Ya that kinda shit gets beat.We dont like that shit. We arent afrid to kick sum1 out the clan cuz thers tons of players trying to get in.
  14. Ya man we just wanna have a good time yanno