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  1. Honestly I dont think the ps3 graffix are that much better. my box is hooked up through an hdmi port and i have RE5 for both systems there is no difference at all. then again its only a 720p game. if i could have only one system it would be the 360 hands down
  2. For Sure!! this game is a blast just send me an invite ill play anytime. ARCAICVIPER
  3. My clan plays socrack and socrack only as for me on the 360 Street fighter 4, C.O.D WAW, Left 4 Dead, and Im totaly addicted to RESIDENT EVIL 5 cant stop playin it
  4. I LOVE this game!!! mets hit me up so we can play
  5. wont hurt the box at all. PSN still isnt shit compared to live ;D
  6. Get it, it's fun as hell! ;D church send me an invite and lets roll on this game
  7. /6 and PSN= EPIC FAIL
  8. Yeah, yeah, i used to have the orange box. 1. not a half life fan (it's dated) 2. team fortress was ok (might be better played with more people I know) 3. LOVED PORTAL!! downloaded it with the new maps and challenges If I can find it for $15 ill get it. again
  9. WHY WHY WHY!!! would you start throwing the deep ball when we played the short game all season, and it worked to perfection >:(Well It was fun while it lasted :'( dont you worrie my phins will be back next year stronger then ever ;D !!!!GO DOLPHINS!!!!
  10. EAGLES @ GIANTS I hope CARDINALS @ CAROLINA CHARGERS @ STEELERS RAVENS @ TITANS And since my Dolphins got thwacked last week I want to see a STEELERS VS PANTHERS superbowl
  11. Knowing your a huge sports fan philli you have got to try EA'S NHL 09 ;D this game kicks ass. Not nhl 09 2k
  12. 1. COD WAW 2. GEARS 2 3. MADDEN 09 they finally perfected this franchise 4. NHL 09 This game FN rocks ;D ;D ;D 5. RAINBOW 6 VEGAS 2 6. GTA 4 These are all the multi player game I have as of right now
  13. I Got a copy just message me Ill throw down ;D