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  1. Can we please get some updates as to what is going on or else DK will be pulling its self out of this tournament as well. Some communication should be happening at this point....
  2. If you took offense I apologize that was not my intention. Though they maybe tourneys is not well known, Every tournament I watched on MLG was pretty much core. So if you want to get more of the majority then core it is.
  3. I have never seen a competitive Hardcore mode, and to be honest you will lose more then just one clan if you make it hardcore only... because in the eye of core, hardcore people camp way worse then the core (not hard to believe). Don't get me wrong I do play hardcore and I enjoy it just as much but I don't see it being competitive nor bring any interest back to this website. But I would honestly love to be proven wrong because nothing get me going more then change. (DK will not preform in HC Matches) but I will root for the best team!! lol
  4. Back to the relevance of this post... As for a 6v6/8v8 team ehh the most I would go for is a 4v4/6v6. This is not Socom (though I wish it was) so 8v8 are not a competitive mode. If you want to get more interest lets stick with what COD is known for and that is the 4v4's. Though I wouldn't mind a 6v6 just to have more of my squad to playing. Regarding rules: Since CWL is on the PS4 and is technically based off arena mode or other way around, I believe it's the route we should take. It's already set-up and easy to decipher. Ban/protect along with certain specials banned automatically. COD comp modes is spelled out for us so no need to think that hard into rules. As for a Personal Preference: Roster locks example: 4v4 Max players on roster (6); 6v6 Max players on roster ( and submit roster a week before first game and it becomes locked for the ENTIRE Tournament. This way no ringers come along (dealt with type of cheating awhile ago) and would like to refrain from it happening again. (Not going to call out any names). Hosting would be as follows: Home team hosts one map and Guest host 2nd map. If there is a tie breaker (well we shall figure it out then). Because regardless some little cry baby will whine about lag forgetting that this is an online comp not LAN. I PRAY TO GOD NO ONE DDOS ANYONE (not calling out any names again) because they are losing. Preferred Game Modes: Dom Hardpoint SnD Divine Knights would like to see some rules/ layout before we sign up for anything and can we get an estimated time of when this will all begin. I am not about to about to drop everything for a last min shindig. I want to be able to talk to my team about the rules and such. LETS MAKE IS HAPPEN CAPTAIN
  5. We stay around!!! DK for life [emoji57]... We went through hard times but never will we go away - Your Worst Nightmare
  6. It has an extreme amount of potential!! It and just watching people and videos takes me back to the good old days of strategies and tactics... Like Socom 2 ( my favorite gave ever lol).Just clarify i am not comparing the games just merely stating that this game is bringing back the sense of real teamwork and how communication wins games. I can't wait to see what's in store... So many games coming out I don't know what I am going to do with my life lolol - xNavie
  7. lol because I was never really involved in this website like that... You do know I don't live on this website? Just because you only see me on COD on this website doesn't mean that's the only game Lololol... That's kind of simpleminded statement my friend . - xNavie
  8. You are very mistaken... But this is just based off me watching videos since I do not have the ability to play it until it actually comes out... My opinion can easily change later, once I truly experience the game for myself... Regardless of that, these are my current thoughts. #allconsolelivesmatter #PS4FanGirl
  9. To behonest unless they add more stuff this game is doing to get old quick because it's the same thing breach and defend... But that's just my opinion #allconsolelivesmatter #PS4FanGirl
  10. Awesome I'll let my guys know and thank you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Well that just gets me even more excited for what's to come!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I believe that it wont go the classic way of just having SnD as competitive comp.... But like AW having a multi game mode tourney. Besides that I don't see the reason this game will not have a good amount of people that want to go Comp... I know DK will be most interested in ti when the times comes.
  13. You are not alone Puddy, but for my case its will be more for the PS4 side to come back via COD:BOp3! Anyways Good Luck!!!
  14. Divine Knights was founded on September 14th 2008. Ever since then it has had the same principles, but also believes in longevity when it comes to clan gaming. We still have all our founders still in the clan and many of our members are past the 3 year mark in the clan. Leaders have changed over the years because everyone's schedule and life changes over time. But we still continue to push for the original values we had, but changing as the gaming environment changes as well. We are recruiting members over the age of 16 that are mature, team work oriented, communicates and fits into our family of gamers. We treat each other as our own family. Over the years the number of gaming consoles, rent, games etc we have given away really show we care for each other especially in rough times. "Coming Together Is a Start; Keeping Together Is Progress; Working Together Is Success." Currently we are recruiting for the following games; PS4: Call of Duty: AW (even though we know it dead lol) But here are some games that we will be recruiting for when the time comes; PS4: Call Of Duty: BOp3 PS4: Rainbow six the siege Please Visit us by following the link on the bottom! Even if your not interested in joining the clan we still want you to be part of our community! We have give aways every couple of months that all members can participate. Follow us on Twitter!
  15. Looks like we are good to go with the introduction.... Just a little insight we have re vamped the PS4 COD side with brand new leadership and hopefully we can create a long lasting friendship between UF and DK again. I look forward to your future comps/tournies among other things.