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  1. Yes, I usually hook my keyboard (which has two more USB ports) up to my PS2, and then I connect my flash drive and headset to the keyboard and it all works.
  2. That, and the "25,455 different character customization possibilities, and over 10,000 different ones for the weapons".
  4. What's up, Philly. I know a few LA have PS3s, but not all of us yet.
  5. Used to own first a Yellow Labrador and then a German Shepherd, both pure bred. As for right now, nothing.
  6. Ninjas don't rob stores in broad daylight, they creep among the shadows at the dead of night, killing their victims before they even knew there was anyone there. JUST LIKE ME. lol
  7. This seems a little ridiculous. I mean, I think (more like "hope" lol) I understood most of what Goat said, but you're telling me that Sony/Zipper decided NOT to give any advantage to a player with a fast connection, and instead tried to level the playing field for the poor schmuck with Dial-up? From what I know about a few other games (In Counter-Strike, for example), gameplay seems to improve SIGNIFICANTLY due to the speed of your OWN connection (also to the server that you play in, but that's another story). So why didn't they just go with what worked and call it a day?
  8. What if UF5 was on a GLOBAL scale? I think that'd be pretty sick. On topic, though, I liked both tourneys LA fought in, but I'd have to go with UF4 as being the better of the two, simply because of its quick pace and intensity.
  9. [LA]Edmaster


    1: YES 2: Oh nonono......this was strictly said NOT to do...............I don't know why ANYONE would want to do that to such an intelligent, patient, courteous and upstanding individual such as this. Perish that thought. But such an intelligent, patient and courteous person will only BENEFIT from a friendly trip to the local FBI headquarters. Who WOULDN'T want to have a nice chat with some Department of Homeland Security buddies?
  10. [LA]Edmaster


    To make sure I got this correctly: 1.) Copy his IP address and other info and check our forums. 2.) Register his information to gay porno and terrorist sites. 3.) ???? 4.) Profit!
  11. So basically it's Gary's Mod for Halo. Sweet.
  12. A prize for UF5?
  13. Haven't you guys ever played Half-Life? THAT whole mess started because one guy wanted to try to "download" a chocolate bar rather than walk a few blocks to a 7-11. LOL