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  1. Story by: CritiKiL Dog tags have always been a part of Battlefield, acting as a personal calling card for every soldier on the field, and these little emblems will be making a return this fall in Battlefield 3. After the launch of Battlefield 1942, the development team received physical dog tags from DICE as a token of appreciation. The team was so tickled by the gesture, they made sure dog tags have been a part of the in-game experience, becoming a part of the franchise since Battlefield 2142. Your dog tag is your personal business card in Battlefield 3 – it’s what you dangle in front of an enemy you’ve taken down, and you can also collect the dog tags from your enemies as trophies, adding an extra bit of bragging rights to the festivities. “When we introduced dog tags in Battlefield 2142, we immediately knew we’d turned the knife duel into something new and very personal,†says Alan Kertz, Senior Multiplayer Designer at DICE. “Now players could have a record of their humiliation takedowns, and players were striving to protect their neck.†With that in mind, DICE wanted to make sure dog tags in Battlefield 3 were even more personal, bringing an extra weight to them. You’ll be able to choose a design that goes with an in-game stat that gets tracked dynamically. “Dog tags in Battlefield 3 go beyond just having your name on them,†explains Kertz. “We have hundreds of dog tags that can be your personal calling card. Every time you kill an enemy, they see your tags. It’s your calling card – it’s your place to brag, and dynamic tags can show off how great you are with a knife, a jet, or even show off your personal play style.†The only way to get a dog tag from your adversary is by performing one of the new, brutal knife takedowns. That not all – you’ll have to take out your target from behind. That’s right – you’ll have to employ some stealth and sneak up on your enemy and put them out of their misery before they realize you were even there, making for some well-deserved bragging rights. Now that these dog tags are highly customized for your own play style, it helps make things that much more personal, so the only way to gain one is to get the jump on your opponent. Yes, these dog tags may demand a bit more than usual to collect them, but that just makes it a greater insult when you take one from your foe. These knife kills look amazing and provide a great new way to prove your prowess on the Battlefield, and thanks to the new ANT animation system, these takedowns add a dynamic visual flair. “ANT technology allows us to make the knife takedown a truly immersive part of the physical Battlefield,†Kertz adds. “Takedowns encourage players to get in there for stealth kills, and makes bringing a knife to a gun fight the risky but rewarding experience it was always meant to be.†Score: 0 (0 votes cast) More...
  2. Story by Stephany Nunneley @ VG247.com. DICE has posted over on the Battlelog blog information pertaining to the game’s new dog tag system, which allows players to choose an initial design based on an in-game stat that will be tracked dynamically in the game. Dog tags, which were first introduced in Battlefield 2142, are basically a bragging tool and this will be even more obvious in BF3, especially now that DICE has added “extra weight†to these “calling cardsâ€. “Dog tags in Battlefield 3 go beyond just having your name on them,†explained Alan Kertz, senior multiplayer designer. “We have hundreds of dog tags that can be your personal calling card. Every time you kill an enemy, they see your tags. It’s your calling card – it’s your place to brag, and dynamic tags can show off how great you are with a knife, a jet, or even show off your personal play style.†The only way to get a dog tag from from an enemy in the game is by performing one of the new knife takedowns which has you sneaking up from behind and performing a stealth kill. DICE said that thanks to the ANT animation system, these special moves “add a dynamic visual flair,†and encourage players to get in close for stealth kills. “[it] makes bringing a knife to a gun fight the risky but rewarding experience it was always meant to be,†said Kertz. You can catch a glimpse of one of these stealth kills in the Paris multiplayer video released last week below. Battlefield 3 is out in October, and the beta starts in September. Score: 0 (0 votes cast) More...
  3. So me and my Graphics Department have put together a real good animation with our logo. and when i say We really meaning my boi LOTHSUN- lol.. but yeah guys- right now its big for our forum but our new theme is coming soon and it will fit so. what you guys think
  4. I recently picked up photoshop and started messing around with the animation. Here is a short animation i made for a template. I plan on adding to the animation, just don't know where to take it. All honest feedback is welcome.
  5. hey someone tell me if my animation is ok not breakin any rules with it ??? :police: :police: :police:
  6. transformers was the shit. i want pics whos got em? i got a few, but im cuirous if any1 has some awsome ones. i wana make a transformers sig ***************EDIT*********** ok so it took me nearly 3-4 hours just to render fuckin optimus prime, god hes badass, and then i enjoyed messing with the animation, and failed miserably. so here is what i got so far, what i need help with is what the fucks should i put in the white space(if anything)? or does someone else have a different idea? ************************EDIT************************ as you can see it is now my sig, with a few changes. and i fuckin love it. im happy now that theres a little less white space, but its still simple and pretty(no homo)(i would fuck the living shit outa optimus prime)(no homo). so ya, what yall think?
  7. Here Some of my Work Please free to ask any Questions I can even Provide PSD Packs For Learning ;D 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Some animation not a Big fan of animation sigs But im Actually good at hahahaahah This a PSD Pack of mine Sigs made for Different People This also a PACK that i offer for Learning Feel Free To ask For it RIPPING IS SIN FELLAS hhhhahahaah this is one of my all time Favorite its Old but its the Shit and of Course The one I'm Wearing Now thanks For looking
  8. Not sure if this was posted yet or not, but this is a link to the trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: Clone Wars animation. Looks odd....and kinda cool at the same time. Check it out. http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1809991325/trailer
  9. http://fc02.deviantart.com/fs13/f/2007/077/2/e/Animator_vs__Animation_by_alanbecker.swf
  10. want like a Sniper standing there with a ton of dead bodies around him. If you can do animation, rain and lightning would be amazing. I also would like an owl sitting in the back on one of the dead bodies. Written on it would like Dont Fuck Wit [-->] and Autosniper, in the back i want -Lechuza- as like a tatoo on the snipers arm or something. I kno this is alot but if you can make something like this, that would be awesome
  11. Not sure if this has ever been posted before, but I thought this was a great watch: Animator vs. Animation
  12. Guest

    My Animation.......

    Here is where I'm at now with my animation school. I'm getting there slowly but surely. http://s136.photobucket.com/albums/q170/havoc38/?action=view&current=Janitor.flv
  13. Guest

    UF JETBIKE 5000

    Okay well as many of you know I'm going to school for animation and 3D visual effects. Well I just modeled my first 3D Model that I'm going to be animating. I know I need to work on getting the logo more readable snippy & Tow but its my first time doing it, so bare with me. The bottom one has more lights added to the set, I know I need to work on my set lighting also, anyways..... Ladies and Gents the UF JETBIKE 5000.
  14. Guest


    HEY Snippy, I'm finally starting to get the animation part down, here is my latest assignment from school. I'm going to make a UF animation bit once I can figure out how to import the logo into Maya. Anyways man just thought I would show you what I've learned so far. http://s136.photobucket.com/albums/q170/havoc38/?action=view&current=MikeHarveyAMClass2.flv
  15. Guest


    Here you go Viper, check this new software out, they use it for video games and animation. The old man Popeye pic is my favorite. I just got the software and am learning how to use it if you need a copy of it let me know. http://www.pixologic.com/zbrush/zbrush3movie.html
  16. Guest

    My Animation work

    Well here is a still frame of one of my poses from my animation school, I wish I knew what program to use to play the whole animation on the forums. Anyways love my school and having a blast! Oh yeah.... and I will be adding the face and skin in the up coming semesters. I'm also working on character Animation Sig's...LOL
  17. This must have taken forever to do. And I thought animation was tedious work. http://www.yourdailymedia.com/media/1179595960/100_Movies_100_Quotes_100_Numbers

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