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  1. JoeyKnuckles


    Are you from Buffalo ? I was at the outdoor game, sooo much fun! i live in rochester which is bout 45mins away from the hsbc arena but yea.....i hateyou for being at that game i wanted to go sooooooo badly , once again sucks that the sabres lost that game
  2. JoeyKnuckles


    sucks that the sabres missed the play offs by a game but the penguins got it
  3. JoeyKnuckles


    when me and a couple of my buddys went to play in a cash tourney that was all hardcore search and destroy we tested this out, the only thing it does for you is it lets you take one more bullet and when your playin hard core one bullet is nothing
  4. hahahahahahah some one had to come into my room to see if i was ok after reading this post.....f*cking halrious ... so true
  5. lol yea renix we had the same thing except we used pretzels...ex: hey joe you like salty pretzels... or if it was obvious who we would want voted it was "These pretzels are making me thirsty" and when you voted the reply would be "i quenched my thirst" p.s. theres also running for president (vote for president)
  6. workin for me, thanks
  7. i played these as soon as i heard and the graphics/ hit dection on this game made me soo sad :-[
  8. i've been playin with a couple of you guys the past couple weeks so you know ill be there to share in the blood shed....see ya tonight
  9. wait ait wait a minute . . .there's no such thing as fairy dust ?!?!? i'm gunna go cry myself to sleep right now :'(
  10. i think there is only six that have not done it as of right now