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Found 24 results

  1. So my cc was declined last week. I used another then got busy and forgot to call and ask why. I travel out of state and this afternoon I go to get gas and it gets declined again. Then I remember I was supposed to call about that. So I call. They stopped my card on the 11th due to charges being made in South Africa and two holds for $1 each for Avis Rentals. Of course I hadn't been in South Africa trying to get rental car or buy any of the other items. My conclusion - I was a victim of the PS3 hack. Was anyone else a victim?
  2. it is about damn time this years fiesta bowl will include boise state (13-00 and tcu (12-0). it is the first time two non-bcs conference teams have appeared together in a bcs bowl game, and it is fantastic. my only problem is, who the hell do i root for?
  3. BULLSHIT!!!! http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news?slug=txvickreinstated&prov=st&type=lgns
  4. And they wait too long to cash it do you still owe them the money? I paid someone over 6 months ago on some merchandise they sold with me. They go to try and cash the check and it won't pay because it's been over 90 days. It says on my checks it will void in 90 days. I also state it on my receipts. What do you think?
  5. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,460866,00.html Read it and enjoy, pretty eye opening
  6. 1. Oklahoma (43) 4-0 1,599 2. Alabama (21) 5-0 1,565 3. LSU 4-0 1,466 4. Missouri (1) 4-0 1,453 5. Texas 4-0 1,362 6. Penn State 5-0 1,252<-----Woot Woot 7. Texas Tech 4-0 1,105 8. Brigham Young 4-0 1,098 9. USC 2-1 1,087 10. South Florida 5-0 1,035 11. Georgia 4-1 1,018 12. Florida 3-1 914 13. Auburn 4-1 860 14. Ohio State 4-1 829 15. Utah 5-0 713 16. Kansas 3-1 650 17. Boise State 3-0 549 18. Wisconsin 3-1 520 19. Vanderbilt 4-0 459 20. Virginia Tech 4-1 290 21. Oklahoma State 4-0 277 22. Fresno State 3-1 232 23. Oregon 4-1 199 24. Connecticut 5-0 126 25. Wake Forest 3-1 107
  7. Its called "Make SURE you are registered to VOTE!" I know here in my state of Michigan our deadline is October 6 to register to vote. So Google "register to vote and enter your state" So join up PLEASE if you haven't already!! Did you really think I would........ ;D
  8. Here I am, awake at 5:50 AM because I couldnt sleep anymore. College Football is here and I am more than ready for this. GO BUCKS!!!! Upset alert App State over LSU and Michigan State over Cal. W00T W00T!
  9. Hey guys just wanted to let everyone know I will be back playing a lot more XBOX. I am going to pick up COD to play with some of you guys. Add me - XBOX LIVE - MaluNYMets I will be beta testing End War by Tom Clancy and another game which I can not state (lol). Anywayz yeah hit me up! I dont really have anyone from my clan to play with only people I know in really life. Please also let me know who you are! What clan etc. See you guys on the battlefield!
  10. Looking for a chase utley sig where his body pops out of the sig and with my name PHILLYFAN on it please. Also if someone can redo a new avatar for me please I'd apprec. same concept with the one I have now but with a black back ground please, but if you can add the Villanova Wildcats and Pennstate Lions logo in with it that be great. Thanks!
  11. Did anyone else get hit really bad by the storm that just went through the north east? I live on the canadian border in Northern NY and we got hit pretty hard. Tress dropped on power lines...through houses. Our local Firestation is fried....the house accross the road from it got hit by lightnigh and it back fed to the fire dpt. When they tried opening the doors they got electricuted. I jumped in my wrangler and went on a mission to clear the roads. The state highways had trees blocking the roads and lines down all over. Transformers on fire in the road. All in all though it was pretty wierd I would say. Just wondering if it hit anyone else either. I only lost power for 5 hours....most are still without it. Cable and shit came back 18 hours later.
  12. Any one interested in making a SIG. for me with TDH, Clan Leader of TEAM DOUBLE HELIX, and our web address on it. tdh.myclanwebsite.com And STATE urgent fury on it also. Maybe a guy sneeking up behind some one with a knife? Or what ever you may think would be good to go with my name. Maybe some catchy phrase on it. I dont know, beggers cant be choosers. Maybe this...."You're dead before you know it" or "Death is silently upon you" Thanks, I will greatly appreciate it.
  13. I thought I would share this with everyone, by going to http://www.kidsbowlfree.com you can either enter in your state/bowling alley and/or your state/school and then enter your childrens name and BAM.... Your kids can bowl all summer long 2 FREE GAMES everyday. This is truly a great deal if you have young kids a $40-60.00 plastic ball drilled to their fingers will make their bowling experience that much more enjoyable.
  14. Big Brown Lost Today in his home state of NY
  15. If you fly a chopper and jump out before you crash into the Statue of Liberty, you can go inside and there is a beating heart inside. You can also get on top of the Empire State Building with a chopper. check it out its pretty crazy!
  16. Hey there everyone, Urgent Fury is looking for a few good men. More precisely, we're looking to find out who is currently enrolled in college, be it a community college, university or otherwise. Simply a college name and the state you are in is sufficient. PLEASE DON'T POST ON THIS THREAD UNLESS IT IS TO LIST OUT YOUR SCHOOL By posting your college and state, you may be contacted by a UF Staff member afterwards through PM. Thank you for any response. - TOW
  17. Hey there everyone, Urgent Fury is looking for a few good men. More precisely, we're looking to find out who is currently enrolled in college, be it a community college, university or otherwise. Simply a college name and the state you are in is sufficient. PLEASE DON'T POST ON THIS THREAD UNLESS IT IS TO LIST OUT YOUR SCHOOL By posting your college and state, you may be contacted by a UF Staff member afterwards through PM. Thank you for any response. - TOW
  18. THE Ohio State University............GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. I personally like Ohio State, gotta root for the Big 10!
  20. He did not have many ino's because here in Detroit most of the schools run the ball 85% of the time and seriously speaking they knew if he was playing Corner NOT to throw to his side, but his school finished 14-0 with a State Championship. I am so proud of him and his team mates. His Vid http://files.filefront.com/omartape07wmv/;9392548;/fileinfo.html My old vid Post thoughts....
  21. MICHIGAN WHO? BYE BYE LLLLLLLOYD GO BUCKS Beanie Wells had 222 rushing yards and Michigan had 91 TOTAL YARDS. Great Defense!!
  22. Man i cant catch a break with this team. Joe Pa use to be a very hard on his team. During the summer 5 ppl plus a very good safty was charge with a bar fight(riot). Then Joe Pa is getting ? about a road rage incident and now a decent RB getting charge with rape!!! http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?id=3060571
  23. Guest

    Rep Ya State!

    I just wanted to see where everybody is from. I am from Detroit, Michigan woot woot! Also if anybody in the Detroit area watch High School Football, How about them King Crusaders? My lil bro is the starting Right CornerBack #20. I think they got the state this year! MLK 4-0
  24. Here is back in my Junior year of high school........see if you can pick which one is me and notice, the boy in the background on the left. His name is Jon Diebler. He will be a Freshman this year at THE Ohio State University.....Great kid......Enjoy...

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