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  1. I just want to get one piece of clarification. When was the info brought to staff? The reason I ask this is because if it was early in the week. That could have been the reason for the CR's to feel like a decision needed to be made. The reason is the said team had a week of wars. Now if they used these players for the week and won all their wars. Now we have more problems from that. Plus and POW's taken. So maybe the CR's had a reason for the want of a quick response. Just my opinion. Thanks for your response in advance. Prime
  2. I know a lot has gone on this weekend. So let me Apologize for some of my members. Sometimes people hit that post button without thinking what they are doing. As most of you know it is hard to stop members from posting idiotic stuff. So with that I'm sorry to the UF community. My members have been warned and will not be getting out of line again. As for some of the other things said.. Well VR is not stepping away from UF. We are stepping away from IC tourney. If the future holds another tourney we will join. If nothing has changed and clans that we feel are not what this community is suppose to up hold we will just not join. For us backing out. That was not just a Commander decision. That was a clan decision. We asked our members what they thought. We gave the info that the clan reps had. We gave them the option to keep competing with the IC tourney. We decided as a clan that it was a tourney that has lost it's way. When the final thoughts by the Directors of UF was handed out we decided it was time for us to bow out. Some call it quiting. That is your opinion. We believed that it was up to us to protest what was going on. We believed that we had to do something. We couldn't just stand by and let what we believed was a inadequate ruling stand. This was our way to stand up for what we believed in. I would like to thank UF for our time here. We hope that in the future we will still be welcome to compete here. Prime-VR Brought to you by Prime's phone.
  3. Thanks you AC. I look forward to your response. Prime
  4. Allow me to introduce myself for those that don't know me: I have been apart of UF for many years; I was apart of APC/RVN and am currently one of the creators of Violent Revolution. The other two creator's are currently staff members here on UF, so I have NOTHING but respect for all the hard work that the Staff puts in. That being said, recently one of my members was banned for not backing down when he felt he was accosted by both a Director and a staff member on this site. The first instance is this: http://www.urgentfury.com/showthread.php/77005-9v9/page3 He was asked to 'fix his username' and when he asked what was wrong with hit, he was given a very thorough reason. His response was simply that he didn't pay attention to the notifications that were sent out, and he complied with the request. I thought that should have been the end of it, but it wasn't. The director in question then decided to say 'you have an excuse for everything....' At this point I have to ask a question: Why was this necessary? It was brought to Tool's attention, and since it involved a VR gunner, he alerted me. I talked with the gunner, and thought everything was fine, until this later this weekend when THIS came up: http://www.urgentfury.com/showthread.php/77084-What-to-ask-the-Sea-Snipers At this point I'm simply pissed off. Excuse me for not folding over and just saying 'thats the way it's always been at UF'. The Staff member clearly had an issue that stemmed from something previous. Hell, I didn't understand why UF would interview the Sea Snipers either, but now that the VR gunner asked the question, I am better able to submit a question if I needed to. Being called an idiot for making a valid question is simply not the Urgent Fury I have come to expect. To top ALL this off, after the member was called names, he was banned for his part in the fracas. I have to ask...is it OK then for Staff to call members names? I've shared a tag with the Staff member in question, and NEVER had he acted this way to me, so I can only assume it's a personal issue that I nor my gunner is aware of. If VR had multiple infractions, or were regularly involved in problems at UF I would understand the comment the Staff member made, but let me tell you what VR actually does around UF: 2 Staff members 1 UFRO 3 UF Rangers Thats 6 members who contribute freely to Urgent Fury. So the comment of how embarrassed we should be is crap. Were proud of our continued efforts to support Urgent Fury. All this said, I come here to accomplish one thing. I would like my member's ban revoked immediately. I don't think it's too much to ask, and hopefully no one will harbor any hard feelings. Thanks for reading, Prime-VR
  5. Lash I have season 1. You can borrow it. What a great first episode. I don't know how Kurt will be able to top the first episode. Just like last year he started out crazy and finished just as crazy.
  6. I'll be in Omaha for a week. I'll get there on Sunday April 18th. I'm staying at the Ameristar Holiday Inn. We should get a beer. Well just let me know. I will be working that week I'm sure. As tool said. I work part time as a Black Jack dealer at the casino. I know I don't work that Sunday. I believe I work Tuesday and Thursday that week. Hit me up. I'm down for a beer or two.
  7. Yep. If you come through Omaha, NE I would meet you for dinner/drink or what ever your looking for. Not much to do here other then going to the ZOO. (One the the top 10 in the US.) Plenty of good places to eat and drink though.
  8. It's most likely that nobody lives there. :-X
  9. A big time receiver away huh? Dude McNabb has done it with out a BIG time receiver most of his career. He took the Eagles deep in the playoffs how many times? Exactly. This is the DUMBEST move I have ever seen. WTF was Reid and Banner thinking??? I think they needed to move McNabb just not to someone in the division. The draft will mean more this year then ever before..... > >
  10. Here is another picture I seen. I wish someone could help figure out what this is.... :'(
  11. Maybe, maybe not. I'm just passing what I've heard. :-\ I could be reading to much into what I thought I read. Who know's.....
  12. I heard that the rangers need each clan to provide a banner Image, it should be no larger than 500 x 125, Image should replace the background color with #1b1b1b including transparency. Please save files as JPG.
  13. I have no need to ever play in a BETA again. After what I experienced in the last Socom..... Screw that. I would rather read each of your guys post about how crappy this and that. Maybe this will keep me from HATING the new game. LOL
  14. Irish. I looked EVERYWHERE for this. I couldn't find the headset or the extra ring. :-\ Sorry I couldn't help.

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