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  1. If you only have 3500 to spend on a car then you should'nt even be thinking caddy. Buy something more in your means, and more cost effective. Car repairs cost alot and on a caddy their even more. wait a few years and buy your nice car when you have some more money to spend. The only american car to buy is a vette anyway the rest of them our junk. I have a f150 that broke down at 30000 miles. it has 65000 on it now and I put about $7000 of repairs in it already. Jap cars for the rest on my life.
  2. Well I know we have been waiting for vintage/cod waw tourney. why not put up a sign up and see how many clans turn out.
  3. I dont think the demo is worth the trouble of creating a new account, Its only like 3 mins. of a mission and 5 mins. of them saying how great the game is. I have to agree with sharkbait aiming is not very smooth and it seems blurry when you run or move gun fast. I think the demo was enough for me to say no to buying this game. expected alot more out of a game for 09.
  4. Rooster, the target by my house has a phillips and a magnavox 42 on sale the magnavox is 60 but the phillips is 120mh. maybe your looking at a different model. It was on sale last week for 800 w/ a 3 yr protection for 59 bucks.
  5. Rayninblud


    Is vintage still going to happen or not?
  6. Irish, I live chicago and I work in the construction industry. Yes Im a union guy, they do not make as much as you would think. there union scale is 24 bucks and some change an hour. No freeking way am I going to do that shit for 24 bucks an hour. Union carpenters make 37 an hour and its much safer.
  7. Target has a 42" Phillips LCS 1080p 120mh for 800.00 on sale. I have a phillips plasma and it great not sure about the LCD.
  8. Rayninblud


    Looking forward to the sign up for VINTAGE.
  9. TK them the dance and the tk again and again.
  10. I thinks its WAW tourney and if so great the asylum is in.
  11. I just dont get it. How can you have mortal combat and DC comics fight game. I mean unless all the other characters have crptonite in there pockets SUPERMAN would kick everyones ass. The guys bullet proof. WTF is up with these developers can't make anything original anymore. My call on the game GAY.
  12. I do not have any lag issues on socom and I can tolerate the few issues with the network. Maybe the 1.30 patch will fix them, what they wont fix is the game. It's slow if I wanted GHOST RECON I would have bought it. I mean make your own engine or buy a good one not ghost recon.
  13. Cant find the UF Vintage thread? Any help.
  14. Here's my question there is alot of clans at UF interested in a tourney, so why is there no sign ups for cod wow. I know GB has shit going but who cares about thet and some other tourney site is promoting one. So lets get the real tourney site to launch one. You know UF.
  15. Well I am amazed at how many people are so loyle to a game that they will play it and say its great when it sucks. Just admit that SLOCOM is the biggest piece of crap on the market today. Look at the reveiws and the sale it failed worst the rainbow six vegas. They need to get with the gaming of today and get a FPS view and speed it up, I mean its like playing pong its so slow. The game is junk. Slocom and the cubs have something in commond we will give you a complete losser and you loyle gumps will accept it and smile. Come on guys lets demand something alot better then slocom.