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  1. Nothing. Just figure heads. Like super famous, but traditional celebrities.
  2. She's hot, I'll tell you that much: How does a guy like this get her?: Oh yeah, he's the future King of England.
  3. Weapon List: (Locations are obviously not the only place you can find a certain weapon but if you are missing any they should help you find them. The specific locations are generally the earliest opportunity to get that weapon.) Sub-Machine Guns KP5 - Available from the Start. DK7 - Unlocks automatically at the end of Mission 02. Kurtis 45ACP - Unlocks automatically at the end of Mission 08. PDW-46 - Mission 01, Same table as the first intel, just before going down off the bridge. C9MM - Mission 05, after the bridge at the start when you reach the amush site there are 3 enemies. On
  4. Resistance: Fall of Man is an amazing game, better than the second one. The story is amazing and well developed and the shooting isn't bad at all. I would say the story is better than the gameplay, but it is still an awesome game.
  5. Better not be. What the hell, I don't want to pay another $300 for a PS4. Just update it via software, jeez. It will probably still be able to play with PS3's and will just be an updated version of it, like with cameras or something, lol.
  6. How do you blow it and how do you check the temperatures?
  7. What did you use to hold the unframed posters up?
  8. Wow, I did a boat load of quests, bought new games, and played a lot of stuff, and I never made it to the first tier. What a fail.
  9. You tap up, but the duration of the mic is like 10 seconds automatically? Seems weird to me, since I just want to say 3 words and it's left hanging for 9 more seconds. They need to change that.
  10. More than a decade making this game, and it looks like crap.