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  1. Now all Chicago has to do is get a QB that doesn't suck!!
  2. Don't be upset b/c the Flyers couldn't hold a candle to the Pens last year.....
  3. Even after the whooping that the Ravens gave them in the second half?? And a QB not knowing that there are ties in the NFL???
  4. And LT is going to run all over that 25th ranked run defense!!! At least I hope so...I need the points!! LOL!!!
  5. There is, quite simply, no more exciting team in the NHL right now than the Penguins. Enough said!!
  6. I was 21 and already in the Navy. We were doing some work up procedures off the coast of VA when it happened. Our ship just happened to have live birds(missiles) on board so we were immediately sent up to sit off the coast of Washington D.C. just in case something else was going to happen. I remember standing watch on the fantail(aft part of the ship) manning a .50cal machine gun. I'll never forget that day or where I was. NEVER FORGET!
  7. Did these get mailed out yesterday or was I just left off the list??
  8. Just goes to show you what happens when you have more money than brains!!
  9. Not possible. Both teams are in the AFC. And the Browns won't beat the Steelers this year at all. This coming from another Steeler fan!!
  10. Yeah to get people to come to that shitty state!!! LMAO!!!! GO PSU!!!
  11. I have 6 guys within a 8 block radius. One guy lives right across the damn street from me!!!!!
  12. Check this thread out though. Look at the two screen names and their post counts.;topicseen
  13. You might not need to say anything....with a name like PRIMEMEAT...Pathogen might be on his way to see you as we speak!!!! ;D