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  1. awesome!!! thanx a bunch for the heads up!!!!
  2. right now we have around 7-8 guys, with half of them being recruits tho. Right now we're only playing COD4 and we will be moving on to MW2 once that drops.
  3. yes we have a xbox div in its infancy at the moment. once we get a few more players we are gonna try to set up a scrimmage of sorts with you and your guys chili ;D ;D
  4. yay i can start posting again. i stopped for a few months since J-rite's never ending thread finally died.
  5. its happened to me a few times as well man. its happened more often these last few months tho. Im afraid my ps3 is finally gonna take a dump on me and im gonna be stuck without one for a long while.
  6. luchesco


    yep yep u can count SxB in for both ps3 and 360. since 99% of our clan is ps3 and we are just getting our 360 division up and standing by the time mw2 rolls around or earlier whether or not u guys run a small tourney for cod4 before the release of mw2, which would be AWESOME btw lol. btw thanx for ur support and willingness to get the 360 side of UF some action. kudos to our new UF directors!
  7. lol i joined!!! i could care less if people knew about me or not.
  8. Thank you so much for being the architects of this amazing community. for putting on such kick ass tourneys and for building a place where so many different people from all walks of life who share a love for gaming respectfully, cleanly and without cheating can come to play and socialize. I will always hold my first tourney experience here in UF near and dear to my gamer heart. I cant believe how much fun i had and it was thanks to you guys that the Skull and Bones were able to come closer as a clan and truly cement friendships for me with my clanmates. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, no matter how many times I say it I dont think simply typing these words on here can ever fully express the gratitude we all share for both Undertow and Sniper. You guys fucking rock!!!
  9. lol the bunny hills are killer man. the very first time i went snowboarding i went up to one of the steepest runs i could find without any practice and went down it. mind u i spent more than half of the way down eating snow and falling on my ass but i made it down and actually managed to get the hang of it a bit. then i went on the bunny hill to try to find my balance a bit better before going back up and freaking twisted my knee lol ohh the humiliation was brutal. to think i can go down one of the highest/steepest runs with only a bruise or two and then go on a small gentle slope and get hurt is beyond me! ;D ;D ;D
  10. I'm sorry :-[
  11. puddy when i come visit u we're hitting up some fishing man. i'll even let u cuddle with me since ur into that and all. ;D
  12. true that. redwood national park and sequoia national park are awesome too. havent been to yosemite yet tho i plan on taking a trip there sometime soon.