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  1. Howdy all! My name is Ben, and I'm an assistant producer and the community manager for a game called Breach & Clear. We're working on a mobile game that we hope is right you your alley here at UrgentFury! Been talking with Shane about our game, and we as a development team thought it would be fun to directly engage gamers (especially core gamers) about their thoughts on a mobile, core-centric title. Breach & Clear is a tactical strategy game where you take control of a small fireteam made up of some of the best special operations teams in the world. At launch, we'll have groups such as the US Army Rangers, US Navy SEALs, US Army Special Forces and Canada's JTF2. You'll get to go on multiple missions across the globe, taking on badguys and what have you! The idea is to give the user as much control as possible, allowing you to set waypoints, decide when and where to look and we let you tackle problems with a rather formidable tool-set. One of my main reasons for being here is to directly engage with core gaming people (being one myself, I played the crap out of SOCOM/GRAW/R6 and other titles when I was younger.) We at Gun Media believe that building great games is the main goal, regardless of the platform. So while we are launching to iOS and Android, we feel this is a title that gamers familiar with strategy and military themes will enjoy. Originally, we meant to make this game a Free-to-Play experience done right. That is to say we were looking for a more PC-oriented F2P mechanism. We've since announced that we're going the traditional route to get this game experience out there as best as possible. Breach & Clear will launch with a $3.99 price point, though the date hasn't yet been set. Wanted to pass along a few pics of the game, see if you as a community were interested in talking about the title and how we can grow, improve and expand it for mobile audiences! This is an example of an in-game gun. We're very focused on creating something more in-depth. Everything from the optic, suppressor and grip are up to the player. In all, we have 7 points of customization. There's a lot of focus on US-based weapons right now, but that's slated to change after launch . Also wanted to link an album for you guys, show off some of the concept art: And an album with some in-game pics: If you are interested, hit us up on www.facebook.com/breachandclear as well as www.twitter.com/breachcleargame!
  2. Join us live this Saturday June 22nd at 6pm CST on TwitchTV as we host a live Q & A with the man David Sears, creative director of H-Hour Worlds Elite from SOF Studios. We will be taking questions via the live chat and David will answer them. If you have not done so be sure to pledge support via KickStarter to make this game happen! http://bit.ly/ufsupportshhour You can join us at http://www.twitch.tv/urgentfury
  3. Check this out: http://mp1st.com/2013/05/17/black-ops-2-check-out-nuketown-2025-remade-as-a-real-life-paintball-field/
  4. The GODs have decided to make this available world wide!!! <script src="//www.punchtab.com/mast/16469/giveaway_widget.js"></script> Enter with either your email or Facebook and as always the more you participate the more entries you earn! We will do the drawing March 8th at 11:30pm cst. Entries will close at 11pm cst on March 8th. Click Here for the rules We will be posting a picture of the Artwork once we receive it but want to let you guys start getting your entries in now! This is limited to the SCEA regions meaning North America.
  5. The Division is currently recruiting tactical minded gamers to compliment its SOCOM community. Community Overview The Division • IGR™ The Division • IGR™ Fora The Division • IGR™ FB Enlistment Page See you on the battlefield!
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ox3cPEKesYc&feature=player_embedded
  7. I think I talked about this game before. The game has been evolving since last time. If you don't know about it basically... It's a strategy game... You build your base... build a defense... and build monsters. Then you can attack other peoples bases. Theres more to it then just that. Now they added a strategy map like Risk. You have territories you can take over from your neighbors. But now this month they have added Allies options. You can Ally with other people kind of like a clan and go to War with others. Basically what I'm asking is... Is anyone else playing this game? It would be cool if we could Ally up. I've been playing this game for about 6 months now and my bases are really built up. But since the Ally options were added it War has started. And my team is weak. Only 2 members. And I'm up against a 50 member team. But they don't know I have UF. So if anyone is playing and is into this game send me a friend invite. http://www.facebook.com/shelbyfurniture
  8. I know he has been telling everyone that he has been playing XBox... but based on his latest update on Facebook... His wife has been play'n with his joystick more!!!
  9. I finally broke down and created a HeLix Gaming FB page, lol. I would appreciate it if you guys would click that little LIKE button for me! Thank you http://www.facebook.com/pages/HeLix-Gaming/139903886077258
  10. For the last few months I have been absent from the UF community because it was crunch time for my wedding. We had to make some sacrifices and internet was one of them.... hahahahaha. The wedding was August 13th and I now have my internet back. Here are some previews of the wedding that the photographer has posted on FB: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=192572&id=112121349507&fbid=423686514507&ref=mf
  11. is there a blackberry twitter app that you guys would recommend? along with that, is there a twitter app that puts your DM's and replies into your message box like facebook and email do? google failed me, they couldn't give me an answer.
  12. so some creepy satanist guy send me a message on facebook but my german isnt too good anyone mind helpin best i can get is wait 10 years for yellowstone park? hell if i kno Du solltest besser abwarten was die nächsten 10 Jahre bringen. Wirst es selbst kaum glauben können Wer oder Was deinen Arsch hochgehn lässt. soviel sei dir mal gesagt, im Yellow stone Park wird es bald erwachen
  13. Now check out this awesome Millennium Falcon Bed featuring working headlights, hidden compartments for storage, star-field projection and even cockpit space for your Star-Wars action figures! Holy Crapola! More pics here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=127502&id=104545533252
  14. Hi everyone! Helping a friend out here: Anyone interested, or anyone know someone who would be interested, in adopting two sibling cats from an owner that can no longer care for them due to work schedule? Check it out, pass it forward through your email or Facebook friends, and if you do, work it out. The cats are nice, the person giving them away is nice...just wants to give the cats a good, loving home: http://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/pet/1552087001.html Thanks! - TOW
  15. http://apps.facebook.com/causes/306470 follow this link if you have facebook join the cause.
  16. This is a neat little site that lets you manage your entire Social Media Life from one spot... Update your Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and so much more from www.ping.fm If you have not picked up our toolbar visit http://urgentfurycommand.ourtoolbar.com/
  17. I don't thinks its german but maybe it is a Slovak version of America's got talent. Either way these 2 kids are crazy. Incompatible Browser | Facebook
  18. Follow this link to the group and then join... http://ow.ly/qMNn
  19. ok so im a nice guy but holy shit is this girl for real not only do my eyes hurt but my eardrums are bleeding
  20. wanna be neighbors on farmville just let me kno i need some bad...
  21. We have over 1000 members.. Join guys.. Facebook Go to search on Facebook and type in Urgent Fury or http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=7332584466
  22. For those of you on Facebook, my company was hired to develop and design a Facebook Quiz application for a client of ours. Check it out! I wrote all the questions and answers for it throughout the quiz....if you like it, pass it around to your friends! It was pretty fun to create.... http://tinyurl.com/l92ufk
  23. So this is a pic I pulled from the Facebook of a friend after he posted it to his profile. When further looking I noticed the poster in the background immediately above his head. All I really noticed though was the word that was in bold above his mugshot and how hilariously it fit with the picture. Please tell me I'm not the only one to see the joke! Agree or disagree? lol!
  24. This past Sunday Ryan Seacrest stopped by our tailgate! My Brother has him up on his shoulders while I try to balance him!

Military including Active, Reserve, Veteran and Dependents get 50% off of our Spec Ops Premium Experience

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