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  1. I am the type that will come up behind you and suprise you from every angle. I bassically rush every round and take 2 guys with me but i hate to camp and i dont have the patience for it. So what type of player are you.
  2. Lol there aint nothing wrong with crushing dreams of people who dont deserve it right?
  3. all you got to do is reset your ps3
  4. lol thats true ;D
  5. Anyone wondering when the new maps will be available because the same 7 maps are starting to get played out how bout some new stuff. Patch is good so why not new maps to play.
  6. Lol im going on a trophy hunt now we got to start from crap and make our way to the top ohh well dont matter by 2:1 kill death ratio hello new 0:0 ratio
  7. Every one gets a Fresh new start on socom because everyone's stats have been reset due to the trophies and the patch. Good luck to you all and hope to see yall in the game real soon. P.S. Going to the top LOL >will take for ever
  8. I like the site thanks a lot
  9. This Patch should get everything fix but i hope they get everything working
  10. Its going to be bassicaly like the 40gb non backward compatible and only 2 usb ports its realising in september.
  11. Waz gud and thank you guys For the nice welcoming
  12. Yea when they send u the email it will be the day the beta is available and they will send sumthing to your psn
  13. Yea i was playing with them today