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  1. We're still around. you guys are always welcome at our site as well.
  2. Well then people need to start testing their systems before paying for them.
  3. not much Caracarn, I heard you boys are running the show are these parts, these days. nice work.
  4. Hello all, Decided to poke my head in here and look around. Its been awhile. For those who don't know me, I'm one of the 2 PS3 Leaders of the Divine Knights, and an Original Founder. Good to see ya again.
  5. any chance they can up the amount of images that can been on the sigs so that we can use them here?
  6. yeah im lost. i dont know what to do with myself
  7. that would really suck. they ended the show on such a big note that they better end it right.
  8. thats crazy. i used rent-a-center before and they where cheaper then buying it out right at the local walmart. now it was for a $400 vacuum not a PS3.
  9. DK_Deadly_Intent


    yeah it would be funny to see short people and huge fat guys trying to hide behind a little poll for cover. its a good show. i wish things would speed up a little.
  10. we are giving him a shot but haven't seen him since the app. :-\ so who knows he might have given up on uf clans. if we dont see him soon his tryout will end.
  11. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooo..... yeah shes a baby making machine thats been all streched out. you know shes crazy.
  12. well most people here are in clans. the free agents on here usually go for clans that have a good rep within the community. so you might want to wait till after your hell week so your clan well be better known.
  13. our site stays pretty active all day.