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  1. It would have been better if that big ass ad wasnt covering half the video player. Very funny.
  2. Im pretty sure the first one was horrible. I play shooters of all types. All types. I ran down to Game Stop before the doors opened and got my copy on release day. Went home and played the rest of the day. The next day I went back to Game Stop and demanded a refund. It was borderline fraud. Sim Shooters have never been any good. Only the kings of campers want to low crawl through bushes for 4 hours. Neat idea, piss poor execution. I'll be keeping my $63.84 this time around.
  3. Couple more things. Will it be Resurgence? And, is there any small teams stuff in the works.
  4. You can put Hx2 on that list for sure. We have guys that really want to do some UF stuff. Hell, I think we went through boot camp close to a year ago.
  5. Forgive my noobness. Ive been looking for a half an hour and Ive come up with squat. What events do yous guys have in the works after the current ones are over. If someone posts a bunch of links I swear to John Smith I will kick myself in the face. Thanks for the help.
  6. First one was truly a horrible game. I can only imagine this will suck with twice the force.
  7. Sounds like a blast, gearing up the Hounds for this one. What time are the wars normally for those of us that are EDT and suck at time zone conversion? Central is like what, 2 hours behind me or so?
  8. Dreamweaver is a nice program if you pay for it. Ive always had problems with bootlegs. If you want a free editor NVu is an excellent open source software.
  9. This guy is great. Check out his E=MCvagina song. I peed a little the first time I heard it.
  10. But seriously, where the hell would you get that much hair in a keyboard?
  11. 20 to 30 million dollars for the good ones. You can probably make your own for 6-7 million bucks if you can get the raw uranium. I know a guy out of Istanbul that will do sigs for 3 goats and a virgin.
  12. Yep. I think mac is referring to a change in bookmarks.
  13. Thats the same skin that BDSL was using last time I checked. Just throwing that out there.
  14. Hey thats hard work when you have to punch an empty hole with a little black rubber nipple. Totally unfun.
  15. how bout the letter A tht would suck s well...well not relly i dont need n ... Funny story. My 3 year old actually ripped the n key off of my laptop and chucked it out the window. POOF! gone forever and I have yet to find/replace it. Sucks big time. Especially when your name is Swie.
  16. Damn dude, I deleted you by mistake when i went to activate you so you will have to reg again. Doh! I will reg on your site.
  17. We'd be down for a scrimmage. Add me, Swine__ (2 underscores), or stop by
  18. We got a bunch of guys loving this game. The game really shines in the Squad Death Match mode when you have a full squad that works together.
  19. Clan tags only as of now. You can only use alphanumeric so not all tags work. We had to go Hx2 because we couldnt do the dash. A future patch is supposed to add more support for clans including multiple squads. I would love to see some sort of UF tourney. The Squad Death Match is the shit. 4v4v4v4. You can do private room, unlike MAG. We got a solid squad on BFBC2 right now so if anyone would like a scrimmage or to squad up let me know. My PSN is Swine__ (2 underscores)
  20. While we are at it... Anyone know where to get the ear hook thing? I need to replace mine bad.
  21. Those are 2 of the best COD maps ever made and highly revered tourney maps. I for one would love all the old maps. IW did a great job putting out the game with a lot of playable maps as it is and its just icing on the cake with anything additional. The COD4 map pack was a joke, it Chinatown was the only playable map. Playable game + Playable Maps = Playability I see IW keeping their cash cow in the milking barn for quite some time.