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  1. Sounds like I may be playing Socom again. However if I have to pick something to bitch about it HAS to be the non-existent night vision fix. It needs a complete overhaul with visibility and the whole not being able to run with it on factor. Visibility is my biggest issue. I can't see shit on my 1600 dollar LCD and that's CRAZY!
  2. What the message said, PSN is under maintenance. I can't log on either.
  3. I'm a madden diehard and I love it. However there are things that need fixed and videos on youtube showing it happening. The primary one are the new animations which are FANTASTIC but lets say your playing and the guy on offense goes deep. The reciever starts to lay out for the ball and you approach with your strong safety. The animation more often than not takes precendent over any sort of tackle you are trying to make...which essentially prevents you from breaking up the pass. It's pretty crazy if you watch the videos. I haven't really noticed thus far but it's definitely there... Either way I love the game 9/10 BE A CHOMPIANS!
  4. I haven't played Socom in months. Killzone 2 came out and that was all she wrote. Lately I've been playing Killzone 2, Battlefield 1943 and I recently downloaded Fat Princess. I tried reinstalling Socom because there were rumors of the patch finally dropping. I reinstalled and played Kasbah and Quarantine and Kasbah was a night map. I have a 1500 dollar TV and can't SEE SH.IT on the night maps with night vision on or off and the night vision is so bad it's almsot not worth turning on...and yea I guess I can jack up the brightness but really should I have to do that in order for a map to be functional? I deleted it immediately afterward to make room for something else. I'll prob install it again after I expand my harddrive but until then it's just not worth it. Madden 2010 comes out this month as well which will pull me to a degree from everything I'm playing currently anyway. Socom is pretty much a joke in current form. Hopefully the DLC and the patch breath much needed life in to the title.
  5. BANDWAGON!!! lol figured I'd get on the train eventually. I can't seem to get enough of my Socom bros to buy Killzone so unless I want to play Red Faction (I don't) I need to go back to Socom. I'll still play KZ more than anything else besides maybe Madden when it drops. It's nice that Slant my a$$ finally announced some DLC but unless 1.50 comes out and fixes a bunch of it's still like playing Socom with herpes.
  6. I may reinstall the old girl after all.
  7. Never. I can't stand confrontation right now. I actually deleted my game data from my PS3 so I had room for other If 1.50 is ever released and it's worth a then I'll reinstall the demon. If I could flash back to the hay day of Enemy Lines I may let Socom grab my ass a few times.
  8. Get out your tin foil hat. Everything posted here is INSANE. Absolutely insane. Where the hell do you get this Forget the first post being scary, anyone that believes this is a walking nightmare.
  9. The best stuff is coming out for the PSP? God of War 3 Mod Nation Racers The Last Guardian to name 3 for the PS3. I can't remember anything of substance being discussed at E3 for the PSP or I just wasn't looking for info on it.
  10. Do not buy Prototype unless you already have inFAMOUS and are looking for something similar. They really dropped the ball with Prototype in my opinion. inFAMOUS on the other hand is one of the better games on the PS3.
  11. Long time coming. The problem as already noted is the game is totally worthless currently. A month or so ago I actually completely deleted it from my PS3. A sad day but I needed the space and the game is garbage. 1.50 MAY get me to come out of retirement but even then that being released is like waiting for Gran Turismo 10. I used to defend the game. It just took me a little while to see things with the blinders off. Killzone 2 > * YEA BOI!
  12. I play it everyday. it's pretty much the only game I play and a load of people play it on a day to day basis. It never took off with this community. As far as the new maps are concerned I love em. Beach Head is currently my favorite but it's best suited for 8v8 rather than 16v16. I haven't played much of Southern Hills which is the map with the nuke. GG deserves developer of the year with the amount of support they provide KZ and it's community. Best game on the PS3 in my opinion but EVERYONE wants every FPS to play exactly like COD so there is a substantial pi$$ and moan contingent.
  13. I'm so tired of Jessica Simpson. Her music is absolutely horrible, she's a flake and she's the typical American girl. We need a push so she doesn't get the nod on the new challenge. I personally can't stand her. She's definitely hot and I guess that's all that matters. I'd rate her behind Rhianna for sure and probably christina.