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    Yeah, Nolan is amazing. The way the whole thing flowed was just fabulous. I'm contemplating driving down to st louis to see it in imax.
  2. Yes I read it. And I am serious. I obviously didn't mean all parents, I know mine were great because they asked questions and didn't just ignore everything I did. I'm not saying all parents ignore their kids, I doubt most parents on UF do, but come on it's not the worst thing. This is no different than being carded at a R rated movie. This is for parents that DONT CARE.
  3. Lol I don't understand why you guys care so much about this topic. I'm glad a state finally has the balls to put their foot down. In their eyes, they see it as someone has to look out for the kids since most parents don't. Sucks for the 16 and 17 year olds over there but that's life. At least it's a start, I know you guys just LOVE when kids are in games with you and have no idea what's going on. And they always talk shit in their "my balls haven't dropped yet" high voices. I'm not saying I hate kids, but when I get on SOCOM the last thing I want to do is work with someone that gives me a headache whenever the click their mic. One other thing is how will they enforce it. No doubt it will turn into entering info from a drivers license into the computer. Illinois passed a no texting/emailing while driving and even that's hard as shit to enforce. Parent's aren't doing their jobs so that's why the state feels it needs to step in. And it's not like the governor wrote the bill. This just forces parents to be more involved. If Johney 14 year old want's a game, mom or dad will have to get off their ass and get out of the car and buy it. And they'll have to listen to a rant about why the game is rated the way it is. And maybe they'll think kid is too young for this shit. Or "I need to get more involved cause I don't know about this game."
  4. Hmmm so anyone else notice his NAT 3 connection?
  5. Classic. has been messed up for awhile, sometimes you can log in but try to view your profile or someone else's profile and it gets very slow and doesn't work. It was working for me earlier today though.
  6. Yeah I'm really digging my 720s. They're not as comfortable as my old Turtle Beach headset but I have been more than satisfied with them. The only reason mine broke was because I stepped on them in the dark and broke one of the earpieces off. They last quite a while. Longer than the controllers anyway (because they don't get thrown and hammered into the ground >)
  7. Hey thanks everybody! It sure was a fun few weeks, and that championship battle was a tough one for sure. Best of luck to the clans through this next round of tourneys, and we will see you all again come August!
  8. lol jax are you calling him a oompa loompa?
  9. No, I don't think Jacob is the son of God, because Richard asked him if he could forgive him of his sin, and Jacob said no. And I don't think they are all in hell because it was the man in black trying to deceive Richard.
  10. Well, after last nights show I have no idea what to think. Who the hell was that kid that Dark Lock saw, but Richard didn't? and then Sawyer saw him too. Never thought about the alien concept, but it could make sense, but honestly I don't think it's that complicated. I almost want to go back and rewatch some episodes from the second season, I believe, where Ben talks to Ethan and the other "spy" to make lists for the people they were supposed to take. I think that, dispite some episodes that were a little off, they have had a general plan the entire time. Which is why, in the first season, Richard visits Lock as a kid, and in Season 2 or 3 Lock tells Richard to go see him as a child to see if he is ready to be their leader. Also, Lock has always had a thing for the monster. He stared right into it in S1, then at the end of that season he wanted to be pulled underground by the monster. Hopefully next week they'll get back to what happens to Sayid. One additional thought that I'm sure will be important: they have been talking about ash alot regarding Jacob, since the 4th season. The chick from the plan that was in charge bagged some of Jacobs ashes, weird that he burned completely; that fire was pretty small, nowhere near hot enough to break down bones, but Jacob was all gone...
  11. [ U ]JoeyT_

    unreadable disc

    I was having the same issue dude, there are a ton of different options and opinions on how to fix it all over the net, but if you just picked up a xbox it will come with some sort of warranty, possibly one still through MS. They replaced mine for no cost, and now it works with all of my games that didn't work before. Here is the direct link, just log in with your 360 name and pass, register it if you haven't already, and you will see if you still have a warranty.
  12. Apparently they picked their worst gunners for that video. Maps look BA though.
  13. Well that sucks. I really didn't like the demo so thought I'd save $60.
  14. Sup guys, right now we are in the middle of Week 1, Season 2 of our Online Dynasty. We would like to open it up to this community. It's still early enough (if MIwanski hasn't advanced it yet) to get in the first week so you aren't potentially behind. It isn't custom schedules, you can be any team except for Nebraska Miami Michigan and Maryland. We'll wait a bit to give people time to get in, but after that we will be doing about 3 weeks a week, IE Tuesday Thursday Sunday. Please post up any questions on here or send me a PM or IM. Also, a HUGE benefit to the way we have it set up is that you don't have to set a time to play with your opponent. If you play a team that no one has you play the CPU. Makes it a lot easier to get the games in.