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  1. This will be my final post on Urgent Fury. I have had fun participating in Black and Chain Reaction and this is the most well thought out and organized tournament I have ever participated in. That being said there are a few flaws, and since admin is about to change, and my clan won't be participating here, I figured what the hell, I might as well share my thoughts. Maybe the next admin will take this into consideration. First, i believe having "Staff" that are active members in the tournament they are supposed to be a non-partial referee in, is not at all the way to handle the tournaments here. Many times in chain reaction several clans needed a response form some staff member regarding a problem. It often took hours to receive a response, mostly because all the staff members were in wars of their own. When I was a [JyK] clan rep, we waited one night for more than 2 hours to even start a war because we were waiting for a response. Staff members should be members from other UF clans that are not participating in that particular tournament. They should be available during the week's set war times to resolve disputes and answer questions in a timely Second, several times I noticed rules applying to separate clans differently, and most of the time it was a clan that a staff member was a member of. again, this is where not allowing a staff members clan to participate in a tournament would prevent many problems. An instance occurred where a custom game invite was sent late by a clan, and the other clan was forced to forfeit, yet when this same thing happened by a clan with a staff member on it, nothing was said when it was brought up. Clans should all be treated equally, regardless of their history or if they have been the perpetrator of some rule violations or not. Clans should be treated equally regardless of how long they have been in the community, how many staff members are on their roster, or how many disputes they have been in. Third, i believe in a more democratic way of handling disputes, rather than a single person making every final decision. When there is a dispute, let the 2 clan reps make a single post giving as much detail as they feel is necessary. If they leave something out, that is their fault and that information will not be taken into consideration. After the 2 reps make their argument/case, allow the other clan reps, or a panel of staff members (again not involved in the tournament) to make a decision. Allowing a single person, whether it undertow or a primary tournament staff member, to have the power to make decisions is not fair. A single person allows their possibly jaded opinion, feelings, or past experiences cloud their judgment. I can hear it now that this is hypocritical to say that staff members should be online to handle disputes quickly, but this can still be done. A staff member in charge of the overall tournament can still be online to solve minor disputes, and clan would could be delayed if both reps can not agree with the staff members decision. My point is this can be done. Again, I have enjoyed my time here at UF and have no hard feelings toward anyone. I hope my comments will bring some needed change to the community and that they are not looked upon as insulting comments, but constructive criticism. My intentions are not to cause drama, but to fix some of the issues i have dealt with through my time here. I know some will say i am just angry that my clan was disqualified from hell week.... and yes i am. Even after providing proof that my clan was unjustly removed, the decision still stood. I have been an active member here for a while and I believe i did not get the respect or consideration I deserved. If you do not believe me, take the time to read the D*F hell week posts. though i was not able to make my final plea in the hell week report section, i will say i provided pictures that my clan attempted to join the war room not only on time, but 15 minutes early, and was not given the chance to. But what's done is done. I have enjoyed my time here and wish everyone luck in the future. I will see many of you around in other tournaments and on socom. [D*F] SUP3RMAN_GA aka [JyK] ELI1TE--SNIP3R
  2. lmfao. chuck norris is the man.
  3. hey what do you do to block your number. like * something? i dont need a 19 year old prank calling me back. lmfao
  4. yeah, i play old school nintendo games on my Wii. they look like shit on anything bigger than a 24" tv. lmfao
  5. oh ok, i guess any time i have used it i have not been in a game. that would be a sweet feature.
  6. there is a voice chat isn't there? I've used it before. It's in the same option as starting a text chat. Or is he talking about something different?
  7. yeah you guys are missing the point though. the new guns aren't coming out until the 1.6 patch. it has taken them how many months to release the 1.5 patch. hell, by the time they release 1.6 MAG and CODMW2 will be out. socom will be lucky to have 1000 people on per night because people will be sick of waiting. That's just my opinion, and it's a damn good one if you ask me.
  8. yeah but what exactly do they measure? because it says i have only had a few page views, yet at the bottom of our forums it shows all the users active in the past 24 hours. i have about 10 active users at all times, and it says i have 1.4 per day average? wtf is up with that? also i know you cant change it, i just want to know how and what it measures for the rankings. thanks.
  9. [D*F] officer positions: I use basic navy ranks.again the clan is only a few weeks old, so there are not currently this many officers in the clan or time requirements, but one day there will be. When in clan wars the officers get first dibs on warring. Its more or less a way to reward loyalty and activity. If you want to be in all the wars, prove to me you deserve it by being active. You don't have to be the best gunner, but you need to be able to hold your own and play smart. 1 Admiral (leader). 4 Captains. These are my 4 squad leaders. they change in and out based on activity and talent level, but remain mostly the same. have to be responsible and a role model for other clan members. Must be active on socom and our clan website. must know all tactics and squad assignments. 8 Commanders (Max). Again this rank is only achieved through activity both on socom and on the website. 10 Lieutenants (Max). Mostly good players that are active on socom, but might not be as active on the website.
  10. so what is the difference between this one and the regular game lobby site? don't get me wrong, i like how i finally made it to the top 20. lol
  11. sad to see it go. regardless of who (if) buys it, the site wont be the same.
  12. yeah, on the history channel, or discovery or something they did a documentary on champ and nessie. they used a fleet of boats with sonar and went from one end of lake champlain to the other, looking for either big fish or hidden caves and didnt find crap.
  13. lol. yeah, if you try to pull it our without cutting it you're gona pull half your yard up.