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  1. i like the orange bars on the top one. maybe if put the bottom part onto the top one then it would look sick. and i would take out the tubes, but thats just me
  2. add some lighting effects. looks good for someone who doesnt use PS on a regular basis. i would have used the image on the left and put it in a circle kinda thing and use it as a logo. then id put the logo in the middle and kinda below the whole sig area. but thats just me
  3. rough draft, seems a bit crowded. let me know wat u think or wat u want changed. or if you dont want it, thats kool, name_here was here first. might look a lil better if i blur some stuff
  4. that avatar kid is the first skin head. i might give a sig a try, but its hard to take the movie avatar kid seriously
  5. if u want an honest reply, then it doesnt look good. if u want me to be a nice guy and make u feel good then its an epic sig. but its fine that it isnt the greatest sig, as long as you like your own sig, then ur sig is great. Tip: head over to, go to the forums and find the sig section and then find the sig tutorials section. those guys over there really know what they are doing and the tuts help ALOT. i wouldnt be anywhere (which isnt very far) w/o the help of others and especially these tuts. hope this helps you. o wait nvm i was looking at something different in ur sig section. the sig u posted with the bf: bc2 guy is pretty good. text is nice, just need to make the bg a little more exciting. the tuts still apply from above tho
  6. i really like it. never seen that idea in a sig before so props to u.
  7. yea thats sick man. would have been better if there he used MW2 font BTW COLTS FTW!!!!
  8. wat is xara? is it photo editing or?....
  9. i can make the border if you make the sig change ur sig, i had mine first
  10. i can throw one up too if you want. give me an idea of a pic u want in the sig. is a good place to go for one. also if u like a certain style or sig let me know PS: i dont make custom border
  11. i think if u want a really custom border then u would use the pen tool to draw the border. or for semicustom u could use images. btw i really like the 3rd and 4th sig, they r sick