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  1. If you still have a ps2 and socom 2 or CA people play on Xlink Kai nightly.
  2. Its def 100X better. Sadly since it was free weekend all i saw was hackers.. got some nice sniping in though
  3. also because sadly the tournaments have been thrown on the back burner and the Number one priority now is sadly being a news site rather then a tournament site. UF has been going down hill for awhile sadly wish sucks because in past tourneys on here i have had tons of fun and met alot of great clans and people.
  4. actually it does have alot of relevance. Did anything like this happen back in the day no. So sorry to say it has alot of relevance to the fact at hand. Also i was not bitching i was stating a fact. I get your history with UF and i also have mine to but sorry if im one to point out truth when its there and not hold my tongue Good day sir.
  5. This is hence why a Tournament site needs not to be run like a business. Sorry UF went down the drain after tow sold it. Sorry sad truth.
  6. agreed cant wait. I also cant wait for the forums to blow up with man this party system blows threads lol.
  7. also general it took me to the game bro. i got mine
  8. Ok for those of you who have Netflix and want to watch it do this! Go and log into your netflix it will ask you to sign into psn do it. Obviously right now the PSN is down so it will say Maintained etc hit ok then let it load it should ask either once or twice more do it then the NF will load up im on Netflix watching movies right now!
  9. lol i had one up for a hour then it had 200,00 views i took it down earlier
  10. see now no he will lose this if he even trys to fight it. Not only does the Legal info indicate doing this is punisable by law but also allows people to cheat online. Thats why sony orignially stopped allowing the running of linux etc on the ps3 cuz ppl were using that to port hacks to the ps3 online games.
  11. def man ill have to add ya on my PSN ill be on tonight brotha
  12. good brotha . Started my own clan and shi hoping when we get enough solid mature players in that we can get into to UF. Other then that man same shi diff day how about you see you got ur own shi going on to