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  1. This guy has now launched his own website and appears to be going a different route rather than obtaining rights from zipper, it looks now like he will be working on an independent third person shooter.
  2. yeah who knows if it will actually happen but definitely doesn't hurt to spread the word.
  4. You know the best way for the drama to stop on UF? Stop posting in threads like these.
  5. Where is zipper posting confirmed fixes?
  6. This is a TACMAP and we play AieL 2 or 3 times a week, usually followed by a theater view of the war, I don't understand why you think it would be fishy to recognize a member of an opposing clan. Especially when the members are recognized in a top 50 GB clan. If anything i would find that situation completely plausible, rather than "fishy". And frankly I do not understand where you are going with this or why it would matter who brought it up. It's not like someone brought up a clan buried in the rankings of GB. This is a prominent, active clan.
  7. I remember (I believe it was SOCOM Black IX) wherein a similar event occurred with a MUCH harsher punishment. I am not reprimanding or condoning the actions of any clan, I just think there should be more consistency in these rulings.
  8. Yes there are lasers on claymores, and yes the pmn and claymore can differentiate between enemy and friendly. Classic is definitely the only thing keeping this beta afloat for me. I will put it this way to anyone wondering how the game is, I can only play for an hour or hour and half before i have to turn this game off (usually a rage quit). For retrospect i could play confrontation 4-5 hours at a time. This game definitely could turn out good if zipper listens to the community. Everyone on the beta forums are saying the same thing (get rid of tap to talk, back the camera angle up, hipfire accuracy, etc.).
  9. I'm going to take a different stance. While i think hip fire is an integral part of socom, i do find it very annoying how easy and quick it was to fire across the entire map. I think hip firing should be accurate up to 20-30 yards but after that you should have to zoom. The biggest problem i have with hip firing now, is the inconsistency. At times hipfiring works fine, but the next time i cant hit anything. Personally I think the biggest problem with the game right now is the camera angle. You cannot see anything unless you enter the cover system.
  10. I like last defense better than uplink. Its kind of the same thing only you plant a satchel after you get control of the three data uplinks.
  11. dt19

    SOCOM Beta

    im playing on a shared code. works fine.
  12. Here's a sig I made, since no one would do a confederate flag. I tried to do something w/ Jackson but all the pictures i could find didn't look right and without illustrator I don't know how to make the picture into vector art, and even then i don't know how it would look.


    But anyway i just threw in a random combat render on top of a Confederate flag, so idk if you will like it or not, if you do your more than welcome to have it, if you want me to change something or try something different i will.


    If you just hate it thats fine you won't hurt my feelings, that's why i didn't post it, so the other guys would keep working on it.

  13. lie to me is not bad, its no spartacus tho.
  14. Why don't you just tell her that you bought a new razor and you know she liked to use your old one and give her that one. Then she doesn't buy her own razor blades and yall can just share?