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  1. Scary to think that you and I probably had been watching the same movie at the same time........and we couldnt spoon afterwards :( Your floor
  2. Fear profits a man nothing
  3. Much obliged Tool and I am guessing Step Brothers
  4. Dominion, If you are in RVN please add the tag to your name He is not currently with RVN, just an old sig. Forgot that was an RVN Sig my bad
  5. Your floor Tool
  6. What is it about good sex that makes me have to crap? You really jarred something loose tiger.
  7. your floor
  8. R: Roger's idea was to get back at the enemy the hardest way he could, mess up the works. From what we've heard here, I think he did exactly that. H: Do you think it was worth the price? R: Depends on your point of view, Hendley.
  11. Fucking Time Warner > >
  12. Bitter

    Cowboys Cut T.O.

    I am absolutely disgusted by this move 7-9 for three straight years with "High Character" players so now we go the mercenary route........ Why couldnt TO just sign with Oakland? Dont they always take the rejects????
  13. Doc: You know what they say: People in glass houses sink sh-sh-ships. Rocco: Doc, I gotta buy you, like, a proverb book or something. This mix'n'match shit's gotta go. Doc: What? Connor: A penny saved is worth two in the bush, isn't it? Murphy: And don't cross the road if you can't get out of the kitchen. Detective Greenly: These guys are miles away by now, but if you wanna beat your head against a wall, then here's what you're looking for: they're scared, like two little bunny rabbits. Anything in a uniform or flashing blue lights is gonna spook 'em, okay? So the only thing we can do is put a potato on a string and drag it through South Boston, "Thanks for coming out!" [Murphy and Connor walk into the station and Smecker sees them] Murphy: You'd probably have better luck with a beer. Connor: Aye, you would. Detective Greenly: Aw, fuck. Paul Smecker: Hey, Greenly. Onion bagel, cream cheese.
  14. Should be your first song played imo.
  15. I could use another code if anyone else has one to spare.
  16. no biggie. There are more than 1 song it could be. Multiple links never hurt as long as they arent rick rolls!
  17. This one? by Black Lab EDIT Hell there is a crap load of Shield Music on Youtube Tow. by Beck
  18. Schlimizzle schlimazzle.. RPG, N00b tube they're all the same to me.. lolShoot with a gun, & keep the tubes off your shoulder. ;D Just playin the hand I was dealt Chili LOL
  19. RPG's where always legal in the Big Tac Map. Why wouldn't they be allowed in a UF Room? And Coldwolf DONT THINK I FORGOT ABOUT THE RPG ON SIPHON!!!!! I am still biding my time to get you back for that!!
  20. You can claim they where banned because of the JyK post but you know and I know that is not true. That may have been the straw that broke the camels back but it wasn't the sole reason imo. If the room was identified as *S*malls then ya, this whole post was pointless but it wasnt. It was a regular ole generic "smalls" named room that happened to be populated with *S* Members. I can also see them wanting JRite out of the room since he is RVN but what did Saint ever do? COU had absolutely NOTHING to do with the events leading to *S*'s departure. The only thing Saint had done was be a member in a clan that involves itself in UF. Pretty childish again only my opinion here. JRites post serves as a warning to all fellow UF clans and there members that they will not be welcomed in any *S* rooms or rooms containing *S* members because they are involved here. No reason for them to have to defend themselves about anything. Just me being devil's advocate.