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  1. Sweet! Only problem is every time I hear a jet fly over I wanna go look for a place to hide.
  2. While there are a lot of clans in this community which still play SOCOM including the UF tourneys, there are also a lot of clans here who are on CoD4 anxiously awaiting the release of Confrontation. Last night, a handful of Rogue Seven members and friends pulled out our SOCOM cd's and untangled our headsets to take a walk down memory lane. Some of us would like to make it a regular thing. The plan is to gather on Saturday nights at 9PM EST in the highest US Central server in a room called >7< Massacre. The emphasis is on maps from SOCOM 1 & 2. Others can be added of course. But, for the most part, we're doing it to take advantage of the free map packs which brought back some old maps. Any interested UF Community members are welcome to join us. The room will be defaulted to 16 players. Game mode will be either straight competitive or respawn depending on the mood/level of intoxication of the players. For those of you who play SOCOM regularly, this is a perfect opportunity to deal out some ownage to guys like me who haven't played it in years. Since this is for straight up fun, how we set up the room is entirely up for discussion down to the name on the room. Rogue >7< would appreciate hearing from anyone interested in participating. Respond here or, if you haven't visited our house lately, drop by and find the "SOCOM Saturday Massacre" thread in our General Discussion section. While you're there, have a drink on me.
  3. I think the US Flag, or images of the US Flag, should only be displayed per the US Flag code. If you're really interested in the subject, or just curious b/c you simply don't know what's defined as correct display, go to the wikia web site as suggested above. I am glad to read here that there are others who share in the respect for one of the oldest most recognizable symbols of our country. If you are reading this thread and questioning what all the fuss is about, take a moment and visit the wikia link above to get a little information on the background and tradition of the Flag.
  4. How did they know that?
  5. Vass, you download right onto your PS3 hard drive - no special device needed bro. Did that answer your question? Or, am I understanding it wrong?
  6. Isn't he a tester for Slant Six already Tool?
  7. Passed this link on to both of my brothers. This is going to draw a lot of interest.
  8. It's definately refreshing to hear from the developers on a regular basis. As far as beta testing is concerned, let's hope that Slant 6 actually uses the input from beta testers. I do not know for a fact. But, I have read opinions from other gamers claiming that Zipper ignored much of the feedback supplied by beta testers in previous SOCOM releases. I would be surprised if that did happen with Confrontation since the development team seems to be making a genuine effort to interact with the gaming community. Maybe other developers will take note of what Slant 6/Sony are doing and implement similar methods in the development of future games.
  9. Think you have a sense of humor? Try this...... A US Marine at a roadway checkpoint, bored to tears, talking to a Baghdad-bound Iraqi taxi driver. You have to understand the role of humor in combat. This sarcasm and cynicism is profound and hilarious. This is why the Commandant of the Marine Corps tried to have the Marines pulled from Iraq and sent to Afghanistan , because the lance corporals were complaining that they had no one to shoot at. Of course, Secretary Gates turned him down, so now the Marines are passing the word via cab drivers for the insurgents to come out and play.