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  1. yes it is sad to see. we are a clan that sets the standard as to how a clan should behave and act here in this community. we follow every rule here at UF to a T and have since the beginning. its unfortunate that all the hard work we have put in is down the drain, but at the same time we cant associate ourselves with clans that break the rules. simple as that.
  2. hardly.. but ok! No, he's right. LMAO!
  3. Thanks for taking off the Beer goggles and joining us few logical Cubs fans. i "lol"ed at this. lash's optimism always comes back to bite him in the ass. well, most of the time.
  4. i love you lucky but the sux suck! :police:
  5. twilight=for girls i for one am team STRAIGHT!
  6. i had a tough time gettin internet when i was livin in the mountains at lake tahoe. i finally gave up..
  7. congrats buddy :police:
  8. ya the red bull representative said that he drinks about 3 of the large 16 oz. cans everyday, and 1 of those shots made his hands shake. well i worked the midnight tonight and i was gettin sleepy towards the end so i pounded one. I didnt get the shaky hands but it certainly took away all my symptoms of fatigue! Id recommend this for any and all red bull lovers, but i still think a cold 16 ouncer is way more refreshing. Tastes like apple juice mmmmmmmm..!
  9. yeah they just got delivered at my store yesterday too haha i work the 3-midnight shift tonight so im gonna try one out. Ill let you know how it goes lol. Im a HUGE redbull fan
  10. boody

    Damn Oakland!!!

    yeah i was at the a's/rays game last month and the rays rocked them lol. I got tickets for the whole yankee series this year
  11. pace hasn't played a full season since 2005 :-\. the bears finally got their quarterback though, they're gonna make some noise this year.
  12. boody

    Pac 10 goes 5-0..!!

    PAC-10!! W00T!!