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  2. Yes but we do need another WR - Holt, Harrison someone to compliment Hester.
  3. They just aquired Pace as well. Being a Bears fan its about damn time.
  4. Probably some April Fools joke since they posted this yesterday. Slant 6 never steers its audience wrong.
  5. He will break for 2 reasons: 1) He wants to why else would they throw a pass 1st and goal from the 1. Most teams would try the run with a lead, instead he passed for it. 2) Colts are not going to go away, that being said they will need to play it out until the end if they want home field advantage throughout the AFC Playoffs. My opinions
  6. I will have toway in here, I liked the first original UF. Not many of the clans in this current one were around for UF 1 except for iLL, maybe a couple of people of other newer clans were in some clans that played in UF 1. I liked the idea of the United States being the staging area for the wars. I know people liked the idea of attacking for their home state. Just my 2 cents Wick
  7. I have no clue how to do sigs but I have a link to a video one of our members did a tutorial of making sigs.
  8. US Army - 82nd Airborne 4/325th A.I.R. 88-96 Did my time in "Operation Just Cause"
  9. I used to live pretty much on Wright Patt, moved a little north about 2 years ago.
  10. Yes, last night, or early this morning.
  11. only the 82nd? sheesh. you coulda gotten into a good one like 101st! lmao jk Dopes on a Rope! Yep only the 82nd, glad though got to see the world with them without having to be transferred.
  12. Did my time for 8 years in the Airborne Infantry in the 82nd Airborne, now I sit a desk job as an Accountant.
  13. This is the same rule we use in *S*, most of the time it will be me and maybe one other TC that have talked in the war rooms. All of our shooters no the rules and abide by them. I have been with UF since the first one in a different clan with Sniper. No one in the past has made comments regarding the rules, not to mention these rules were up for all to read prior to any clan being invited to the tournament. If you didn't think the rules were a good thing or something that was to strict, why did you join? I know of all the clans I have played with in UF wars in the past the mic was something that was left open for important information to be passed to either our own clan, or any other rule violations that we need the other clan to know about. If the mics are open then there should be no one talking when the countdown starts. The last word you will here from any *S* member will be "green up on me" Wick