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Found 19 results

  1. wow this looks really cool! anyone played it?
  2. I just watched the 2nd Transformer movie and I can't decide which movie I lusted I mean liked Megan in the best. Although the Cut offs on the motorcycle was sweet. And how during the big transformer battle did her white clothes stay clean and her make-up stay in place. Anyways...
  3. transformers was the shit. i want pics whos got em? i got a few, but im cuirous if any1 has some awsome ones. i wana make a transformers sig ***************EDIT*********** ok so it took me nearly 3-4 hours just to render fuckin optimus prime, god hes badass, and then i enjoyed messing with the animation, and failed miserably. so here is what i got so far, what i need help with is what the fucks should i put in the white space(if anything)? or does someone else have a different idea? ************************EDIT************************ as you can see it is now my sig, with a few changes. and i fuckin love it. im happy now that theres a little less white space, but its still simple and pretty(no homo)(i would fuck the living shit outa optimus prime)(no homo). so ya, what yall think?
  4. Im going to see it on the weekend... for those of you who have already seen it what is your review?
  5. A Urgent Fury sig, with my name, my clans name and something transformers on it? I like: IronHide Bonecrusher Devestator I will let whoever would like to work the magic.. would like to see it be a pop out type sig though..... Thanks...
  6. This is great, she looks like she lives in a starving third world country.
  7. Lets play a game. I say a movie and some1 has a reply with a actor in that movie. then the next person would reply a differnt movie that the actor was in for example. Ill say billy madison. the next person would say adam sandler n the next person would say big daddy n so on. ill start it off with transformers
  8. J/K, but it is more realistic. lol
  9. Did anyone else get hit really bad by the storm that just went through the north east? I live on the canadian border in Northern NY and we got hit pretty hard. Tress dropped on power lines...through houses. Our local Firestation is fried....the house accross the road from it got hit by lightnigh and it back fed to the fire dpt. When they tried opening the doors they got electricuted. I jumped in my wrangler and went on a mission to clear the roads. The state highways had trees blocking the roads and lines down all over. Transformers on fire in the road. All in all though it was pretty wierd I would say. Just wondering if it hit anyone else either. I only lost power for 5 hours....most are still without it. Cable and shit came back 18 hours later.
  12. Bgcntry

    Iron Man

    Allright UF community, I went and saw Iron man last night and let me say that it kicked ass, it is right there with transformers. It is NOT for kids, there is a lot of sexual inuendos and women with next to nothing on (not complaining) but all in all it rocked and is very worth the $9 and change to go and see
  13. Transformers for the 1st time.. On My 65" Hi Def, with THX surround sound... I must say it it the best movie I have every watched.... EVER. Nostalgia is a mother fucker.
  14. I saw a really shitty copy of Transformers. The story line was pretty cool but the copy was so crappy, the graphics/visual effects sucked. My question to ya'll is you think they will make a Beast Wars movie? I watched this show on a regular basis due to its Badassedness, yes thats a word. If they make a movie for this, I would be way more impressed than w/ the original, but thats me. I mean come on, Megatron being a T-Rex and Optimus Prime being a Gorilla.......cant get much better than that.
  15. Just got back a bit ago from seeing Transformers on DLP and it was fucking insane! Deffinantly go and see that shit when you FIRST get the chance! I'm going to see it again on the 4th and perhaps another time after that. it was so freaking amazing and the Optimus Prime/Megatron fights are sweet! great graphic work and it's deffinantly a hit! D
  16. Guest

    Old vs New Transformers

    Â Â The other day I was walking through the Wal-Mart and saw one of the new action figures for the new movie, and it made me stop. The poor kids these days. I remember my collection(of course they met their untimely demises in honorable, although some what in flames manners) and these Nowadays just look cheesey! vs
  17. check out the new trailor, the F-22 looks sickkkkkkk