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Found 28 results

  1. Has anyone here had any luck with them. If so is it just a 1 map room ? I have more questions on this topic.
  2. While ending a night playing in a private room with a bunch of clans in the UF community, I had a thought. RVN has their night and cBF has theirs as well. We need each clan to start their on night they can add their own theme or whatever they want. Then every night we will have a cheat free UF community only environment for some fun play. Just a thought anyone interested?
  3. it's like the servers crashed. I keep getting the "Operation could not be completed" and the servers only have home made rooms in them
  4. Chaka


    mine is strict and i also went straight to the modem with the same results.i have a hard time joining rooms.any ideas?
  5. Hey I was in a RVN Mid-Night mass Room on friday and I got Tk'ed by RVN members... and then voted out... I really dont care cuz its not a big deal but I was just wonder two things: 1) Why? Not making a federal case but I was just curious cuz I have been in your rooms before and everything was fine... 2) Should I suspect this to happen again? Should I just steer clear of RVN in general or was there just a mis understanding? Im not going to reply cuz like I said before... Its not a big deal... Just a Short sentence to sum up my questions would be nice. Thanks
  6. 16 v 16 rooms on the servers... not really sure what is going on... but a heads up to everyone...
  7. we played against DsY <<Hope thats the new owners tag most of the night last night. I was looking to play against more UF'ers in the coming weeks. would you guys be kind enough to post what servers you usually play in and if UF would be in the name of the room. or add me as a friend Mike-Ops if there is already a thread that states this stuff I couldnt find it.
  8. Any UF Socom rooms up tonight?
  9. Today i was playing in public rooms and was mass booted three different times. Tonight during our prewar it didnt happen to me but half the squad got booted out "Disconnected From Game". Anyone else experiencing this.
  10. Where can I find you alls KZ rooms? I only have a few players into KZ so far and would like to play with you all. PSN: MarauderHD Peace!
  11. Some of the clips in this vid are from the POW Tourney and some are just random pub rooms. I will have another one coming soon for Confrontation. Ohh and yes I posted this once before
  12. Ive tryed the public rooms in 4 different servers and there all the same, the lag is unbearable its keeps booting the rooms and warping ppl around map..... Is any1 else having this problem? its been happening in the last hour
  13. at3dave


    To be included in 1.30. Im VERY upset that you can only join the 16v16 rooms from the party though. In any case.. at least they are starting on it. Oh yeah and the quick match feature will finally be activated.
  14. I just heard that there are now ranked Demo rooms on CON. Can anyone verify this? If so, what I really want to know, were there any other updates or changes?
  15. RawTaLenT--


    Well didnt take long This was posted on from my clan members
  16. RawTaLenT--

    Philly fans

    I love philly fans but man during the Flyers vs Devils game in overtime a fan threw a a stink bomb on the ice (they think it was a stink bomb). But a flame came across the ice and puff a big smoke filled the ice. Everyone ran to the locker rooms and to the far end of the ice. One person does something stupid and this is why we can labeled bad fans LOL. I like the rep but dont liek to see anyone get hurt
  17. If that happen to your kid do you agree with it?
  18. I have seen more and more of this. Something that i never seen or heard about when i first got here at UF. Why are so many UF clans voting out other UF clans out of there rooms? I could understand if you didn't want people in there but your clan. A simple "Hey can you leave" would be quick and easy. I seen 4 or more clans now doing this and am in a lose of words for it. I thought we were all friends here and could play with each other without problems coming up. Am I missing something here or why does this keep on happenning?
  19. I was told this can be done in private rooms only by a clanmate. Not sure if thats true..... anyways here is the video
  20. I am fortunate enough to have cod4 on 360. I am aware that UF will be playing on ps3 sadley but would like to know if anyone from this community plays on 360. I dont like playing in random rooms too to know 80% of the peeps on my team My name is FunkyROOSTER so hit me up.
  21. If anyone is need of practice in small map rooms- "30th Parallel ' is up in Central Ranked now- Early in the AM
  22. We will be throwing up a few rooms on socomII tonight. Everyone here is invited to come shoot it up on the classics (those that are not in wars that is). Game: SC2 Server: Central Time: Saturday Night 18th, 9:30pm cst PW: beer Thanks, US25
  23. Well we had an odc clan mate go alittle haywire. So he is no longer an odc member. So Tow if you could please delete is account it would be appreciated. His name is WarFungus. so if this person comes to your rooms or to your forums he is no longer with odc. THANKS