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  1. Hey gang! Latest video from the Nuketown Hooligans is up on our YouTube page. Have you subscribed yet? If not head over there and get that done. It's the best way to keep up to date on all of our new content. Keep an eye out for us in an upcoming eipisode of UFreqTV!
  2. Here is the latest video from the Nuketown Hooligans. Be sure to leave a rating, a comment and subscribe to our channel. Here are links to our Facebook and Twitter accounts so you can check us out there as well. Please check us out folks, we'd love to have the support of the UF community. Doom on you, Mr. Tango! #BF3
  3. What's up man? Not much happening with me, just trying to entertain the masses with Viper on our little YouTube adventure. Be sure to check us out and leave us a rating? Subscribe and all that good stuff? We're small time so we need your help getting the word out! Take care dude!
  4. Thanks but been a part of UF in one manner or another for a very long time. Ever watched Newb Toob? If so you have seen me play!
  5. Hey all! Just wanted to pop by and make everyone aware of a new Nuketown Hooligan video. Head on over to our YouTube page to check it and all our other videos out. Be sure to like the video and subscribe to our channel if you enjoy. We always encourage comments and suggestions as well. You can also follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Stay tuned for more videos in the coming days and weeks including our frequent work on Urgent Fury's amazing NewbToob series on UFreqTV.
  6. What's going on man? Long time no talk. Did you check out our videos?
  7. Hey everyone, x-Rumpo-x here from the Nuketown Hooligans. Just wanted to put up a quick post and direct you to our new channel. If you're watched the latest episode of UFreqTV you might have seen our "Kill Streak" near the end of the video. You might also know fellow member V1P3R_1 from his years of service to Urgent Fury and as former clan leader of the disbanded Rogue Seven. Anyway, please take a minute to visit the links below and get to know us a little better! If you like what you see on our YouTube channel then please subscribe and like our videos by clicking the like button. Help us spread the word and bring you new and exciting content on a regular basis. Look for us on a UFreqTV episode soon!!/NHooligans
  8. Rumpo

    WANTED Trailer

    I seen this trailer (not the same trailer, but for this movie) when I went to see 10,000 BC (bullshit movie). I was sold on it from that crazy car action by Angelina!
  9. My friend, No offence to those in here but head over to the Rogue Seven boards and get some professional assistance from myself and KrazyEyedKevin. Don't spend money until you talk to us. I sent you a PM about this.
  10. You should head over to The Bar & Grill and post up in our Technical Assistance board. We fix all sorts of things as KrazyEyedKevin and myself make our living troubleshooting.
  11. Attention All, Rogue Seven is selling off one of everyone's favourite items from the Bar & Grill! The Sony Playstation sign! Check out the images below! Here is an example of the sign turned off! Here is an example of the sign turned on! This item is currently up for auction to the highest bidder at the Bar & Grill. You can head over there to place your own bid. Please include the amount you are willing to pay including shipping. The current bid is $30 but will no doubt go up again! Head over to our site for details!
  12. King... Words cannot describe how much it hurts to read your posts.
  13. RNG... Until you cease from making yourself and your clan look like an ass... Shut Up!
  14. I thought the movie was really good. The key is, if you expect an Oscar worthy movie, you're an ass. The movie is good because it doesn't do more than it's supposed to do. It's a movie taken from a video game that is full of action, cool weapons and a really hot chick. That's it. If that's your thing, go see it, if it's not, don't waste your money.
  15. UF4: Prisoner of War was the best one so far. The PoW aspect was great, but there needs to be a way to police the ringers possibility. I'm not sure there is a 100% way to ensure this, but without a locked down way of making sure there are no ringers, I'd not want to see the PoW aspect again. I love the fact that Rogue Seven went out because of the PoW aspect. In that way the tournament worked. But, our clan fought most of its wars against two clans that were xpelled for cheating, and that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth at least.
  16. Rumpo


    Tow, As you know, there is nobody in the UF Community that would EVER do anything shady with this information
  17. Rumpo

    Clan Ranks..?

    Commanding Officer - X_VIP3R_X Executive Officer - Rumpo Liason Officer - X_VIX3N_X Technical Officer - KrazyEyedKevin Platoon Leader - CHR0NIC
  18. I just wanted to let everyone know that there is a tutorial on the PayPal Website where you can see how to send money to someone, without creating an account. I'm curious as to whether the UF Breakout signups are slow because people are unsure of how to send money using PayPal, or simply don't know how to create an account. Either way, if you have a PayPal account you can use that to pay the UF Breakout fee. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can send money without it. View Tutorial!
  19. I'm going to get KrazyEyedKevin working on this right now, if it can be done, it will be done by Friday. Please hold.
  20. Rumpo

    Rogue Seven! THAT'S what happened......... Tow is such a noob. I was wondering why the TBH clan rep showed up as guest after they were eliminated and now Rumpo. Bad Tow, bad. I have NO idea what happened there! LOL That was the first time that ever happened. All is repaired, Tow fat fingered the permission change and I saved the day. No worries!
  21. Rumpo

    PODCAST 11

    Based on the LIES that this man is telling, I'll be looking for a new job as an XO in another clan.
  22. Rumpo

    Rogue Seven!

    We got way too many people carrying arms for the law to bother us.
  23. Rumpo

    Rogue Seven!

    For the f'n record, we promote underage drinking.
  24. Rumpo

    Rogue Seven!

    Only when we win, and otherwise it's just painful! But I'd rather get shot by APC then most.