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  1. How do I make my UFGL sig work on a HTLM website? Like for example. I want it to look and work just like it does here.
  2. this tickled me to death as the same thing happened to me when i was back home visiting for a week. perfect example as to why listening is the most important thing in a relationship or as some of you may have a relationshit Girlfriend Doesn't Realize Boyfriend is on Vacation
  3. [This is an example] Game is used, great condition. $50 shipped to your door. Paypal accepted! [This is NOT a real ad]
  4. NO CHEATING!! Don't be researching the internet for the answer. I really want to know if anyone really knows the answer to the following question. DON'T RUIN IT BY LOOKING IT UP!!! Question: In the context of money, where did the term "buck" come from? Example: "You owe me 100 bucks dude, pay up!!" Let the guessing begin!
  5. So i was wondering how do you actually liked to be called on a forum or even on a game. For example some people type CDBS14 AND ACTUALLY CALL ME BY THAT ENTIRE FULL NAME AND SPELL IT, LOL. So just so you guys know you can call me just cd or CD. Your turn now......
  6. Lets play a game. I say a movie and some1 has a reply with a actor in that movie. then the next person would reply a differnt movie that the actor was in for example. Ill say billy madison. the next person would say adam sandler n the next person would say big daddy n so on. ill start it off with transformers
  7. Thought it would be a great idea once the servers get better to be able to know where we are and meet up. example of a post would be: East10 meet&greet and if you feel like it the game mode, types or maps. this is just to know where we are during any given time of the day so we can meet up and have some fun.
  8. Hey, I was hoping someone could make me a sig based upon the picture I provide below. I believe it was J-Rite who made me my urgent fury sig and I liked what he did with the UF sig. If possible, I would like a similar format to what he did before but without the UF banner. For example, if you could make it a similar length and width as my UF sig. Also, if you could take out the text already shown in the picture and replace it with "(--> Bleach". Unfortunately, I don't know much about how sig making works. Thanks so much to anyone who can help me out with this!!
  9. Guest

    thouroughly pwned

    this is not a rick-roll, this is simply an example of why showboating is usually stupid!! its really too bad we have to preface every link with "this is not a rick-roll" nowadays, lol ;D
  10. Is there something that just creeps you out? Bugs, snakes, women? Well post it here. The only rule is you have to look up the scientific name for it, and explain what it is next. Example: Arachnophobia: I am deathly afraid of spiders. Especially the small ones.
  11. Attention All, Rogue Seven is selling off one of everyone's favourite items from the Bar & Grill! The Sony Playstation sign! Check out the images below! Here is an example of the sign turned off! Here is an example of the sign turned on! This item is currently up for auction to the highest bidder at the Bar & Grill. You can head over there to place your own bid. Please include the amount you are willing to pay including shipping. The current bid is $30 but will no doubt go up again! Head over to our site for details!
  12. Guest

    Cod4 Golden Weapons.

    Hey guys just making this post for those of you who dont know this. Pretty sure we all know that when level 55 is reached you get the golden desert eagle, but what some might not know is this. By completing every challenge for a certain weapon category, for example, " Assault ". You will unlock a " golden camo " for all weapons in the Assault category.
  13. Guest


    Couldn't you attain invisibility by exceeding the speed of light (299,792,458 m / s) For example, if you have an object A moving at 500,000,000 m/s west and you were observing 200,000,000 m away south of the object. The object would have appeared to have moved only 223,328,273.79m west when in reality it was in existence 500,000,000 m west. This isn't really invisibility but it could create an illusion of where you are. Or would you have to be the source of light in order for it to work? To figure out the specifics you need to use trigonometry or Pythagorean theorem (it forms a triangle) right? I realize this is on a massive scale but its just easier to do the math. Please remember I'm saying theoretically would that work? Please don't burn out your brain, trying to figure out how would I get to that speed.
  14. this video is prme example of why walken is the man hes sooo creeepy lol