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Danny Xanax

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  1. If only I had a PC to run it. Not much I can do on this....chromebook
  2. I'm old and getting older!

  3. If and when....set up a league for us old farts with slow reflexes...LMAO!
  4. I made my play session kid friendly....
  5. I'll have this one loaded on my PS4 tonight after work. Feel free to send FR if anyone wants some coop!
  6. @Pillorian....That video made me laugh. Thank you. I will however be giving this a shot via redbox
  7. I've only yet to play classic RISK. I'll have to jump in and try Secret Missions.
  8. Pilgrim, myself and a few others have it over at BHD! Im up for some online war!
  9. It's Sniper Elite with Zombies! Indeed it is unless using the scope PC from 2013
  10. Not having a gaming PC, I'm very pumped for this one on the PS4. So who else is getting and don't forget this old man when it comes to the coop!
  11. Destiny-But looks like some are hitting the wall and thinking about moving on Panetside 2 beta-Looks to be the main upcoming Community fav GTAV Online-Always a good showing on Friday nights BF4/Hardline-The later once the game hits TLoU-Numbers are small but fun still had That's just a few. If a game has coop many members are there as RISK, the upcoming Helldivers and such
  12. Hello Knight....feel free to add me on PS4 as well... Danny_Xanax If your still looking for a laid back community...BHD might be to your liking as well
  13. Yes I see what you "did" there and thanks for the warm welcome!
  14. Stream Name: danny_xanax Author: Danny Xanax Stream Submitted: 09 Feb 2015 It's always medication time! Click to view stream
  15. I wanted to stop on by, introduce myself and say hello! I'm the old man who guys by the PSN ID of Danny_Xanax. I'm a mild mannered, sometimes out of controll, soon to be 50 year old gamer who first fell in love with video gaming in 1975...Holy crap, 40 years of gaming under my belt!? What I lack in skill at my age I make up for, give me a few hours, I'll think of something. Once a die hard PC gamer, I made the switch to console gaming back when the Xbox hit the market. I then owned 9, yes 9 360's...all of which kept dying and dying. I made the move to PS3 in 2013 (I can't really remember....don't forget my age) and am a day one PS4 gamer at this time. Did I forget anything? I may stay tuned for random updates.
  16. Name: Danny Babble Category: Podcasts and More Date Added: 08 February 2015 - 11:35 PM Submitter: Danny Xanax Short Description: Danny Xanax babbling bout gaming and... View Video on Urgent Fury
  17. New member here...My experience with this closed beta has been great on the PS4. I'm loving the feel of the game and the Heist mode alone could make for some great competition. From what I'm hearing the other modes will open things up for competitive play as well...I've opted to pick this one up upon release based on the fun I'm currently having.