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  1. Hell yea, midnight mass 4ever
  2. Hopefully they got the camera right this time too, 36th times the charm.
  3. they also updated the Retail Patch Notes thread. Second Patch – SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs v1.03 Estimated Release: Late April/ Early May 2011 Added center dot to targeting reticule More to confirm… Patch(es) TBD Estimated Release: TBD Camera fixes that include even more “smoothing†fixes and a camera collision repositioning above the player character’s head Mic system overhaul that improves UI, functionality More to confirm… -------------------- Jeremy Dunham Sr. Community Manager, Zipper Interactive --------------------
  4. Cool, I don't think we played verses them while i was in The Uprising, and we played in 2 tacmaps, black and LWN. I would like to see what that roster looks like now. They are probably the highest tenured clan here. Also, a clan thats disbanded was The Horsemen clan, really active S2 clan, went to the first UF tacmap semifinals or finals, their leader was VeX, and im not sure how the tag goes.
  5. I hope to see you guys next week on S4, you'll have to create a custom room or something, not sure how its gonna work without a lobby system, but hopefully the mass stays strong in S4.
  6. Jester comits suicide, Specters killed by Zipper employees :::tears::: :'''[
  7. I thought ReDCeLL sort of merged with OGC, some of the members did, are they still here? If not add them to the list, The Old Gentlemans Club.
  8. Grav and Tow took me in at after last Friday nights Midnight Mass in the same way that tow described in his post above. It was way too good of an offer from some great guys that I could not pass up and I encourage anyone looking for a clan to stop by tonight and mix it up. ps: I may not be there because I am out of town and I have not had any luck getting the tv at the hotel to pick up my ps3 signal.
  9. It is definitely a big demo, I got a code when I pre-ordered the game. I suggest buying the gow 1 and 2 collection, its 29.99, they basically put god of war 1 and 2 on a bluray in 720p. There is alot of bonus content not to mention they added trophy support for both games.
  10. It's running smooth for me, usually does, I use Firefox btw.
  11. That's a cool looking bed, I wonder if they could make one in the shape of Jessica Albas booty.
  12. Who knows what Chad will do, you are right though because he already wore a #15 practice jersey in Thursdays practice. I don't think he should do it though, it is borderline disrespectful, even though they were good friends. Chris will be missed.
  13. No thanks, I just appreciate his taste in boobies, female boobs. no homo.