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  1. We in Arizona were a bit surprised by how well the Packers did. Made for a hell of a game at the stadium!

    A TEAM.!!!

    LOL I'll second Larry Tate!
  3. Switch to whiskey like I did and you won't have any problems with aspartame.
  4. Dayum! All his birthdays are downhill from here!
  5. Happy ChristmaKwanzikah! just think... yum... Xmas noObs!
  6. The Playstation boards offer a solution -- go to page 2 of the thread. :police: (I've not tested this)
  7. I remember the meds working fine however wanted to caution all you youngsters NOT to eat rice while them holes are still there! It takes a while to fish 'em out....
  8. I signed back on after supper and am downloading this next system update. Looks like a 30 minute download. I'm wondering if this is going to affect the matches tonight... people reboot to come into a game fresh and are required to do this update thing first.
  9. I would.. :-[ That is what happens when you paint your fingernails black. And you're right Chili, some things just never change. :-X


    Wow these guys are getting good! Too bad when they get out we'll all lose them to those badass Dance Dance Revolution clans.
  11. Wow, you guys list some grrreat movies! 1) Seven Samurai 2) Wizard of Oz


    We do Smores and Campfire songs for them every night. We're not allowing them to write to their families at this time, but we will get word to them that you are concerned for their well being. Currently they are getting plenty of fresh air and is a video: LOL well I see some of them are really getting into it.