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  1. agreed, It only makes the game boring. I think it should be played the way it is played online
  2. I noticed on that play-asia website they had the gran turismo prologue for retail.
  3. It's a decent map for upgradeing weapons and stuff but I hate it cause theres so kuch camping
  4. Thats pretty sweet but I am not about to drop $120 on a headset
  5. A couple of my friends have the same one and it's pretty clear on cod4 but on warhawk it sounds steven hawkings
  6. I have the blue tooth headset that comes with warhawk and it seems to be a decent headset. It fits good on your ear, haven't experienced any cutting out in the middle of sentences, it is small and has a long battery life. But I have noticed problems when it comes to background noise. it has a very sensitive Mic on it so it picks up almost every voice within a 20 foot radius.
  7. usually the programmers leak cheats and gliches a couple months after the games release to catch players attention and keep them interested in the game
  8. That shits been out since the betas. some people think it's better to cheat than use real skill.
  9. Xbox had a Christmas update where they got to play at crash but it was all christmasy. I was lucky enough to play it at a friends house but I'm still pissed. why does xbox get all the cool updates?
  10. Dude this is cool I also saw it the other day I only wish He would have put up pics of the game after the real life ones cause some of them I didn't get
  11. if i get the chance i will totally do that!
  12. heres a socom tag body spray spoof
  13. Im really hopeing for and expasion in the near future because I think it's about time for some new maps.