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  1. (SCK)BIG_BIRD69


    Amen *Kneels for a Prayer
  2. Yeah its Cool. if Ur in a Clan. and Whatever Special Forces Your Clan Picks either being KSK or US Marines i think for right now. Then w/e Special Weapon or weapons that Spec Ops uses. U get in the Game. as well as Gear.
  3. i did that on my other name. i was at the store. and thinking about the clan and socom. an i get to the counter and on the check i wrote. BIG_BIRD69. and she read it and was like "Sir. is that ur name?" an i looked and i was like wtf Lmfao. it was pretty Funny. but not as funny When my buddy takes his girl out for dinner and a movie and instead of laughing he says LOL or LMFAO or something like that
  4. let me Guess you Voted for Bush?! haha nah Jk. That is Pretty Odd. how we end up with Less Casualties in War.... Although Technology and Training has advanced
  5. Lets Think of it this way. we As Ronins. Are here to Play right? were here to rep our clans and meet some great peeps. i love ya all!!!!!
  6. Wow. just speechless. It Takes real Courage and Bravery Toss yourself on a GEG Mine. I Salute Him. and am Glad he or his brothers werent Severly Injured
  7. Best of Luck To You and Your Family Sniper. And If you Have To ... go Curse at the Hurricane and make it Go Away.
  8. Hmm Interesting. Good Bye dnt let the door hit ya on the way out?
  9. well Hmmm 1. Shooter 2. Transformers 3. Gladiator 4. Blackhawk Down 5. Iron Man
  10. Not To Get off Topic or Anything But uhmm... Im Moving soon for College. and Im getting an Apartment. What Internet Should I get. for say like playing online with Socom and CoD4 and All that? Cable? Satalite?DSL?