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  1. you can see their site emblem.
  2. I hate when people sag and the boxers showing and they wearing a belt. Like wtf is the point in the belt if you gonna sag anyway.
  3. theres two by me. I used to go to the one all the time then they closed about 2 years ago and the owners moved back to where they used to live at. They had friends who also opened up another one but they closing down too. they last day open is tommorow. I liked going to the game center because you get to meet and play games with a bunch of cool people and it's more fun to smack talk when the person you owned is across the room. There would be times where everyone in the store would all play a certain pc game for a few hours and it was a lot of fun.
  4. lol its so bad that some of them don't look anything like they do with makeup. but i still think jessica alba looked good.
  5. depends where and what time of day you complete the murder lol. happens all the time in the news. someone gets killed and they don't know who did it. but I don't plan on ever killing someone unless it was self defense.
  6. I also complain about the heavy traffic in the mornings on my way to work. Does this mean I should quit my job, sell my car and stay at home 24/7? lol. i complain about gas prices so i guess i should sell my car and ride a bike. that is something completely different lmao.
  7. i don't see how people can seriously get so upset over what someone is saying that they don't even know. All it really is is smack talk taken to another level and that because your not face to face with the person. if you don't like it then mute people or don't play with a headset. as long as little kids are playing games online you will never be able to play any game and not hear it so it's pointless for people to constantly complain about the speech in online gaming. it's never gonna change so if you can't learn to mute and ignore the immature people with mics then don't play online at all.
  8. damn you can see the pinky fall to the ground in the video. thats gotta be so painful.
  9. oops wrong video (probably shouldve watched it first). this is the video i watched and found hilarious
  10. trade it in for 1.40 at gamestop?
  11. well i enjoyed it lol. and i actually found everything he said in the song to be true lmao.
  12. paternity fail rofl
  13. now this is unlucky lmao.
  14. i like third person when im owning with the riot shield lol.