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  1. Thanks man, bye to you too. Good luck in your well deserved Championship match.
  2. I'm sure this comes as no surprise to anyone, but Fatal Corruption will also be resigning from Urgent Fury all together. I have been involved in a lot of tournaments here and all were very fun to play in and for that, I thank those who put many hours into creating these tournaments for us and making them fun. UF truly was the place to be at for fun, exciting and cheat-free tournaments. However, lately it just seems like that is no longer the case and because of that, our time here is up. Thanks again to all those involved in putting these great tournaments together and the best of luck to everyone here still remaining in UF.
  3. Dude, you're so way off, I'm not even sure where you gathered your information from. My decision was not based on anything GB related, or anything related to how people run their clans, and certainly not, which is the funniest thing about your post, to jump up a spot in the tournament standings. Ask any clan that participated in this tournament and played against us, how Fatal Corruption conducted itself. Not once did we ever complain about anything. Not once did we cry about a loss. We always played to the best of our abilities and we made sure to always play in a manner that at the end of the war, regardless of the end result, BOTH clans had a great time playing in. There were times, against several clans, where we could have said, "Hey, times up, start the match or forfeit!". Or times where we could have said, "Hey, you set the parameters wrong, we'll take the win by default!". Anytime a clan needed extra time to field a full group, or we had to restart a match for whatever reason, we were always understanding and very accommodating. So, don't give me this crap about us wanting to find an easy way to move up the tournament standings. We had many opportunities to take an easy win, and not once did we take it, because that's now how Fatal Corruption operates. We're willing to wait 20 or 30 extra minutes after the scheduled start time to make sure you have enough guys so that the war takes place on a fair playing field. We are probably the most chill clan you would ever come across. -Fc's decision was solely based on what we considered to be a shady tactic by another clan. An action taken by another clan who's consequences, were not handled in a manner that I would expect UF to handle things, according to what UF stands for. We are withdrawing because evidence was presented, and clearly demonstrated, that another clan cheated and we are choosing to not be a part of that. Now, maybe YOU didn't find the evidence presented as cheating, but WE did.
  4. Due to the recent ruling handed down by the UF Directors in regards to AieL Sept, Fatal Corruption will withdraw from tournament play here at Urgent Fury. We can not continue to participate in a tournament alongside another clan that has proven to operate in dishonorable fashion. We believe that the principals of what UF stands for, were overlooked by the Directors in their decision, and we will no longer compete in any tournaments as long as these clans are allowed to continue playing in them. We wish the remaining clans in In Country the best of luck.
  5. Definitely interesting stuff. Technology is just amazing in general, but then stuff like this comes up and you're just left in awe. Maybe soon, we'll be able to walk around with a ps3 controller in our hand and be able to play in a war without sitting in front of a TV. Maybe by then, we won't even need a controller. Maybe by then, you can just picture the controller in your mind as if you were holding it in your hands and you can push the buttons on the controller, in the air, and it will respond as if you had an actual physical controller in your hand. Technology is great... I just hope it doesn't continue to make us even more lazy then we already are lol.
  6. Voted as well. I must have missed the party though, only saw Dis in there lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Well, there you go, the 70 + 30 is the 100 plan they have for unlimited everything. It's an expensive plan to have though for just 1 line. Unfortunately, you can't put the iPhone plans on a family plan. I know at least with AT&T you couldn't, but when I switched over to Verizon, I never did the family plan thing, but I'm pretty sure you can't either. And it's not just the iPhone, any time you have a smart phone, they force you get unlimited everything, so it always comes out expensive.
  8. My plan comes out to about $110/month. That includes Verizon's 900 minute/month plan, plus unlimited texting and unlimited data plan. I've heard though, that Verizon does have an unlimited everything plan for $99.99, but I haven't had a chance to look into that one yet.
  9. I'm on it now! I preordered on the 3rd at 3am and got it in the mail on the 7th and completely happy with it so far. I owned the previous versions of the iPhone on AT&T but because of reception issues moved to Verizon and picked up the droid. The droid was cool but I didn't hesitate one second to get the iPhone and I'm glad I did. The iPhone is still what it's always been and the new features on them like FaceTime and folders are really cool. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I've always been fascinated with UFOs and it's hard to imagine that we are all alone in our immense solar system, not to mention the universe. Videos like these pop up all the time and while most of them you can easily tell are a hoax, this one seems to be pretty real. But, there usually is an explanation for it. It would be cool though if one day we could be visited by aliens.
  11. I first got the Tritton AX180, but after about 3 months, the right ear piece broke off. I then went for the Turtle Beach PX21. After having used both products, I have to say that quality wise, they are both the same! Feature wise, they are also both the same! However, I have found the Turtle Beach ones to be a bit lighter and more flexible. Like someone mentioned, Tritton was bought by Mad Katz, and they were nice enough to replace my broken headset and shipped me out a new one. So, I now have two working headsets, but I prefer the Turtle Beach one over the Tritton one. With these kinds of things though, it's all about luck. Whether you get a Tritton or a Turtle Beach, you run the chance of either of them breaking on you, or you may get lucky and it will last you a very long time. As far as support goes. I can only speak about Tritton since those were the headsets that broke. I originally emailed them and asked if they sold parts that I could buy to fix the headset myself. When they emailed me back, they told me they can just replace my entire headset. We went on from there and 3 weeks later, I had a new headset from them. I dealt with a guy named Jason from Mad Katz who processed the whole thing for me.
  12. Thanks for the info Hippie! I went and did some research and about 90% of the articles I came across point to this being a scam. Others are saying that it may never revalue to the point where there would be a profit and some even go as far as saying that it will even worsen and that you'll just end up with worthless paper in your hands. However, with that in mind, I did read that obviously the US has heavily invested in dinars, but also people like Donal Trump as well. I don't take Trump for being a bad business man. So, if he has invested in dinars, I'm sure it's for a reason. The one thing that left me wondering about all of this is that, if there is a profit to be made out of this, why are people selling the dinars instead of holding on to them? If I had something in my possession that I know will generate money for me in the future, I'd like to hold on to it.
  13. How does one go about investing into the Iraqi dinar? I saw a site that is selling 350,000 dinars for $320.00, but just how safe are these transactions? Could you point me to a legitimate company that does this? Thanks =)
  14. I see Bush being the determining factor for the Saints in the playoffs this year. If he can do a good job of being the every down back, Saints will roll. If not, they won't make it far. But regardless, I really do not see the Seahawks beating them lol.