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  1. I've maybe encountered one or two individuals that wouldn't switch sides or jump out so we could get things organized. However I've certainly run in to my fair share of a$$holes as well but at those times the rooms were either empty enough that we could switch the entire team or just leave and find a different room. Most of the time guys switch at least for me. My philosophy is it's 20% what you say and 80% how you say it. ;D
  2. I don't really have any connection problems but I may mess with this a bit and see if my connection gets a little cleaner if you will. Thanks for the post.
  3. Classy group. The best part in all of this is that even after getting "denied" from UF they are still running around on various socom based message boards and running their mouths. It's probably not fair to say "they" because it seems to be a choice few that are doing all the talking. I remember posting one of the "OG' threads from the EA* clan leader on my clans message board because I couldn't believe the tone and attitude and when I came back to the UF board they were denied admittance lol, it was pretty funny for me....glad to see they still know how to handle themselves.
  4. Agreed. It was good BS'ing with you last night.
  5. Yea it was a good time. I didn't get in there until relatively late and shut things down around 3:30. I need some practice on the big maps so it was great to stumble across the UF room. My clan was playing in Central 6 in 8v8 meds and for whatever reason no one noticed the UF room. Nice playing with everyone.
  6. Yea I thought about just staying with the rifle. I probably will when I'm on tonight. Alright so for the guys with obvious strategies that are now tight lipped what would you say is the best way to do it? Just find what works while in game or did any of you set up a private room with a few others and walk the maps? I really want to snipe on a more consistent basis, Sniper kills feel so much better than regular kills lol.
  7. That's probably your best bet, and then just scan and upload to your forums. Then you can modify them as you like. Yea that's what I'm thinking. The maps in the strategy guide are actually pretty nice and it does outline some useful things. One of my clan members has scanned and altered but I'd rather have a hard copy in front of me. Thank you for the response. I tried sniping last night and enjoyed myself but ended up getting worked a majority of the time because I'd be forced to go to my Desert Eagle or the 226. I was trying to take a few shots and move to avoid giving up my position. It didn't work out so well and I eventually went back to the M4 or the 552 and got back to killing on a consistent basis lol. Good times, good times.
  8. I know most of the maps but was wondering if there was a site that sort of outlined the maps or just provide strategic information regarding Socom. I'm probably going to just start a private room and walk the maps to find the better spots for Sniping etc but I figured I'd ask her first. I've been half tempted to buy the strategy guide for the large colored maps alone. ???
  9. Were you just on Socom playing talking about the Bowflex? lol i know random but there was some dude in one of the rooms I was in talking about Bowflex crowding the mic and his name was CD something.
  10. You were the one passionately discussing your Cowboys. I assumed that someone so passionate about the Cowboys would know a little something about the NFL. Tony Dungy being the head coach of the Colts one of those things. Anyway did I even mention the Cowboys game regarding Big Ben? However it was Big Ben that drove the Steelers down field to force Romo to make something happen to end the game. He led a game winning drive against the Chargers as well as the Ravens. Big Ben is playing winning football and in December that's all that matters. I've also admitted to being a "homer" but I'm also a "homer" that knows NFL football. The Cowboys have been playing very good D as of late, is it as good as what Pittsburgh is bringing to the table or even the Ravens? No it isn't but it's still very good. However as long Romo is behind center with his inconsistent ways I don't anticipate the Cowboys doing much of anything in the playoffs assuming they make it. I also don't want you to stop posting, I apologize if I came across as a dick but when I first started reading I assumed you knew more than what you obviously do so I came out a little hard. I enjoy arguing and certainly don't want any hard feelings, I guess you now know and understand more than a few of us here are hardcore football fans. You should be able to pick and choose your arguments a little more wisely now. Enjoy the rest of the season. No hard feelings. EDIT: I also hate the fuckin Cowboys so that didn't help your cause.
  11. I simply stated that based on everything that you've typed in this thread you clearly don't know what you're talking about. I'm not going to go back through and re-pick apart everything that you've said thus far but don't continue arguing if you don't have the means to back up your argument. As far as Ben is concerned his QB rating isn't what it usually is but he's winning football games and driving the Steeler offense down the field when it counts. 3 times in the last month we've come from behind to win ball games and a good portion of those last minute victories rest on the arm and decision making of Big Ben. Phill Simms on inside the NFL went as far as to suggest the Big Ben should be the league MVP because of what he's doing for the Steelers behind a patch work offensive line and keeping games close or winning them in the 4th quarter.
  12. lol are you reading what I'm typing? I also question how much you even know about football because most know that Dungy is the Colts Coach and would understand that point I was trying to make about Harrison. As far as Ware is concerned yes he's a beast but he's not James Harrison. Sacks aren't everything and without the ridiculous holds there isn't a doubt in my mind Harrison would have the NFL sack record. He also has 7 forced fumbles all which have resulted in Pittsburgh ball and one INT. He is in my opinion far and away the DPOY and in the running for league MVP which has only happened something like 3 times in 50 years (Defensive player winning the league MVP) As far as Ben is concerned do you realize what you're saying? Here are a few stats that were posted via my yahoo fantasy league over the last week. Mon, Dec 15 QB Ben Roethlisberger became the first NFL quarterback to win 50 games in his first five seasons. He is 50-19 in the regular season. Tue, Dec 16 QB Ben Roethlisberger's regular-season record as a starter is 50-19 (.725), second to Tom Brady (.784) among NFL quarterbacks with at least 40 starts. (Yahoo! Sports) *And those are just a few of the many prime time stats I could drop in relation to what he's done since being in the league. The man is a winner and he's doing it behind a make shift offensive line. I can't wait for that part of our offense to be rebuilt hopefully with the continued maturation of a few of our current lineman and a influx of rookie talent like maybe Duke Robinson from Oklahoma in the draft. He's doing less with more in that regard, already has a superbowl and prior to this season was 3rd ALL TIME for yards per pass. He's orchestrated at least 3 4th quarter game winning drives in the last month alone and you're going to try and take something away from him? I won't deny that I'm a homer but I'm also a realist and Big Ben is worth every penny he was recently paid and will no doubt lead the Steelers to great things for many years to come. Watch some football big timer because with your current comment streak I'm seriously questioning how much you actually watch or understand.
  13. Are you watching these football games? I'm not saying that Newman isn't good. He's solid. However Hines Ward was in double coverage almost that entire game, Hixon is the number 3 receiver for the giants because Plexiglass shot himself and Toomer is banged up and Moss has been banged up the tail end of the season as well and in case you haven't noticed the Skins have imploded.
  14. B E A S T. ! ! ! Best safety in the NFL.
  15. Just a FYI, Pittsburgh has rarely played with the lead all season.
  16. I've only read the first page of this thread. I honestly didn't need to read any further because I can't believe anyone would suggest there is a better defense out there than the one Pittsburgh puts on the field each week. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and I am 100% a homer. However most analysts are already comparing the 2008 defense to the Steel Curtain of the 70's and it's equal or better in all statistical categories. Playing defense in 2008 compared to the 1970's is night and day which makes the current Steeler defense all the more extraordinary. People have already said it's better than the 2000 Raven D so to say the Cowboys d is even close (Yes Ware is a beast) is crazy, BAT SH.IT crazy. I'd also like to take the time to point out that it's absolutely criminal that only 3 players from that defense made the Pro-bowl. Aaron Smith and Woodley deserve to be there and you can definitely make a case for Ike Taylor. Woodley is the biggest snub, followed closely by Aaron Smith. Tony Dungy said he'd vote for James Harrison for league MVP over his own quarterback and Harrison is one of two players on the Steeler defense in contention for league MVP and DPOY (Defensive player of the year) The other is Polamalu. Keep the non-sense to a minimum. "HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!" EDIT: and James Harrison is getting mugged each and every week. I can't believe the lack of holding calls. I think it's been 24 straight quarters were Pittsburgh hasn't had a holding call called in their favor. It may even be worse than that at this point. In B-more for example Jason Terry was down right mugging his a$$ with his arm around his throat and someone around his legs. He's getting mugged each and every week and still putting up monster numbers. It's ridiculous. You don't see Ware getting tossed in a crossed face chicken wing each time he rushes the QB (Not to take anything from Ware, dude is a beast)
  17. I've owned Pit Bulls most of my life. I got my first when I was 7 and I'm now 26. They are the most tenacious, loyal and loving dogs I've ever been around. All of the ones my family has owned are enormous babies until the family is endangered, family also including "Animal family members" My parents currently have two and a Boston Terrier. Conan our now oldest male at 2 and a half is best buds with Diego my fams Boston Terrier. Diego definitely has a bit of the napolean complex so he goes around and typically starts a little with whomever or whatever and Conan is often his back up. I will always own at least one and am currently waiting to get my first on my own. My gf and I have a 6 mo old Doberman and had a one year and 3 month old Chocolate Lab show up at my front door around thanksgiving in need of rescue. Wonderful, WONDERFUL dogs that far too often get a horrendous rap because of the often ignorant masses that seek them out for fighting and image purposes. It's 100% a "owner-issue" with the bad rep Pit Bulls receive. My first Rocky was the best dog I've ever owned and he lived to be 17 with a lot of tender love and care. Great story as well.