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  1. Minimal to zero lag with KZ2 and I'd pay to play if it were implemented.
  2. Great post, will read again.
  3. What are the settings everyone is playing with. I've only tweaked my X axis via the suggestion of someone else. It jacked my X axis all the way up and backed it off one. Everyone post their desired x & y axis settings.
  4. Send me some friend requests boys and girls. I don't think i have anyone from UF on my friends list at least not guys playing KZ2. My PSN is Rorbotron.
  5. Good luck dude. We're likely going to be doing the same thing.
  6. If you listen to your own music can you still use the open mic?
  7. Only with that fucking pos blutooth headset they bundled with. It has been happening alot to me lately. I would delete it and re-load it, it''s work for a day, but then back to freezing once a map. I started using my old logi-crap and haven't had it happen in 3-4 days. :'( So now I say what alot since the volume sucks on the logi. :-\ All things considered the Sony Bluetooth is pretty solid IMO but wasn't incorporated well enough in to the game. Great clarity and solid construction. Although you aren't the first to voice a problem regarding it. We have a guy in our clan that has his always come through on our end choppy but when he tosses on his shit one it works fine.
  8. Socom definitely has it's issues. However I put two and two together on something last week sometime. A majority of the time when my game freezes it's because a clan mate has messaged me trying to get in to a room or I've messaged someone else in game. The Push to talk can also trigger it. The XMB is definitely to blame at least in my case MOST of the time when my freezes. Either way with the release of Killzone hopefully Slant 6 gets a move on with another patch and some DLC.
  9. I meant huh as in wtf did he just say..? lol You said that a lot of us will ditch socom for kz2, so I said that at least we ditched a ps exclusive for another ps exclusive and we haven't ventured into that xbox area. but I wouldn't expect an xbox person to get that Dude, Jesus christ man let it go.. get over it. Im not bashing anything.. you said something that didn't make sense, so like i always do i pointed it out.!! The word until was a mistake, you should have deleted it, but thats ok keep trying to counter bash Xbox like i said anything remotely negative about PS3.. FUCK, good for you, you're true fanboy thru & thru, im sure Sony would be so proud. I don't know the history between you two but it sure as hell seems like he was kidding around with the "wink" and the "kiss" smiley no?
  10. well IMO KZ2 is a great game and socom is ok.... I dont think it is overhyped, but what it is, IMO the best fps available right now, and its amazing to play I have to agree. I think it's pretty kick a$$ and exactly what I was looking for when I picked it up. The atmosphere is incredible and the clan system appears to be top notch. I can't wait to dive in to it further. I also still love me so Socom and would say confrontation is more than just "okay" but a lot of that has to do with Urgent Fury and my kick ass clan.
  11. It might be that AI bot fix where guys in Multiplayer were using Bots against human players. Kudos for a patch already in my opinion. It shows they give a
  12. Guns have to unlock after you acquired a certain level because there is no way you're restricted to two types of assault rifles and a pistol. I've played for little over an hour and I dig it. The atmosphere on a few of the levels is incredible with lighting strikes, wind noise etc. However as others have said it's going to take a while to get used to especially if you've been out of the FPS game for while. I haven't seriously played a FPS since Time Splitters 2 on the PS2. A few of us from EL already have a EL affiliate (ELC) aka Enemy Lines Clan Send me a FR: Rorbotron.
  13. Midnight releases aren't the geek fests everyone makes them out to be...I've picked up my copy of Madden at midnight for the last 4 or so years. We aren't talking about waiting for the newest Harry Potter book. I'd be picking it up tonight if I had the cash to do so....
  14. Yea as HusH stated we have two clubs going currently. The EL bobos and Enemy Ice. The EL Bobos is our practice squad until we get better. Currently I believe we have 11 playing the game and a few more joining the mix soon. Send a friend request to Rorbotron if anyone ever wants to get down. We still really suck as a team....but playing against UF will be fun.
  15. The bushes by the commando spawn on fallen are good for hiding. I imagine we'll get a map with more hiding spots with the DLC. I guess we'll find out.
  16. Columbus, Ohio but Pittsburgh Born and Raised and I plan to go back.
  17. A good number of us have NHL 09 and I imagine a few of us will be playing Killzone 2 but Socom will always be our "baby"
  18. Honestly this hurts my brain. I'm sure I could look at it and piece it together but before completion I may have tossed my lap top across the room.
  19. Honestly why does it even matter? It's a pistol. Every gun in this game is automatic besides a few pistols so it's not like the individual doing the hacking is at some sort of advantage. I do agree certain individuals need to find something better to do with their time. However as for any online game there are always going to be hacks and glitches and the individuals that exploit them. Our answer to this problem are communities like UF and clans that don't tolerate it. Here is to hoping someone rolls up on me with a fully automatic 226 and I mow them down with my IW or 552 or whatever gun I may be using at the time. EDIT: Forgot about the Sniper rifles and just now watched the second video. Once again good luck with that one, controlling the recoil and trying to shoot is going to be a bitch unless you have guys running around maps with full auto snipers treating them like machines guns.
  20. I picked up Demolition man on DVD roughly a year and a half ago maybe longer and it's coupled with OVER THE TOP!!!!!!! Two classic Stallone flicks.
  21. Oneiopen one of my clan founders recently picked up a 50 inch Vizio and he seems to like it. However he's only had it a few days, maybe he'll post or just swing over to our clan board and post and ask.