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  1. fully customized controller config is out of the question.
  2. Thank you thank you. I have yet to get with Shane but will do that ASAP. Can't wait for April to come. We need more contest like these.
  3. I will keep this updated with links and new info as it comes. Release date 4-19-11
  4. Whats up dude, I have been VERY busy... still have a couple of more weeks of insanity and then I will have some time to play more and visit the boards again more. I'll drop everyone a note on the forums once things calm down for me in a couple of weeks. Hope all is well.



  5. Easy. GT5 which is a PS3 exclusive. AC BRo. will drop in price within 3 months... Like Crusty mentioned I wouldn't even consider another game over GT5. Also GT5 will offer a lot more value for your money. I can only image the hours i will spend on it. Ready to get the heck out of work and go play already...
  6. Yo where you be at homes?

  7. Geez what is wrong with you Tool. I need it honey coated like JLo's booty lol. BTW what is new my friend?
  8. How many members are you up to now Path?
  9. LMAO - even better. I was watching this video when an associate here at worked walked into my cube and he was like wtf are you watching. He later went and watch it himself and thought it was hilarious. Sometimes I wish people could just be that blunt in real life.
  10. Irish was that you the manager dude in that video? Pretty damn funny
  11. If anyone is still watching this game the score line is unreal. 3rd Qtr and it is 59-21 Eagles over the Redskins. Vick is putting up fantasy points like it is a pinball game score.... Wow. Hopefully you started him this week.
  12. There are some other short clips of games at E3 here as well. One of our AGW members is attending this years event.
  13. Were you mentioned on the Zipper Podcast? Yes, yes I was mentioned. Thanks for noticing. Hopefully I can get some more Q/A time on the next episode...