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  1. Buster please be careful on what you type next time man. Its cool to be fun but be careful on the wording. I edited your post just for censorship

    Nba champs

    Nope not this year. they will choke this time
  3. Im not as fast at this as goody is but ill think of something and ill get something going. Goody you got something going yet
  4. what do you want man. give me an outlook on what you want and ill get with my friend and see what we can do
  5. Some of my guys made this. They cordinated this for like two weeks and I told them they were crazy,
  6. Nicely Said Puddy. This is Right on the Target!
  7. ROCKMAN I will help you out man in the best possible way. NO ONE has been banned via the banned users area from L + P + K. SHANE came here to APOLOGIZE for reading a post on your gaming website. I wasn't going to say anything here cause he came here respectfully and you and some of your team had to keep running dirt into this thread. WHO CARES WHAT L + P + K. says. URGENT FURY IS HERE. IF YOU DONT LIKE BEING HERE< JUST GO AWAY> As for it being a CRIMINAL ACT, IT would be if he intentionally hacked into the site, but as a fellow VB user, the admins of your SITE could have been more careful and made a new USERGROUP, " and Customized it for Shane. There is a way to make someone an admin and block certain areas of a site. So as for a criminal act it can not be because your admins did not do ANYTHING to say he couldn't. But now that you have said such a thing, you (ROCKMAN35) are in phase 1 of Slander, when you bring a criminal act upon someone which you have stated in your above post you bring someone's work in question. I do recommend you watch what you say in order to keep yourself out of trouble. If you had not said that I would never have came into this post but Johnson and Shane are both my friends and they need to work it out. Me and you do not need to be in this thread trying to bash one another. So please do not take this to heart this is just a friendly gesture. Matthew Seegel
  8. Te amo mucho. baby

  9. Get you clans signed up for UNREST. MW3 finally fixes party system. UNREST TIMELINE <--------CLICK HERE UNREST RULEBOOK <-------CLICK HERE SIGN UP HERE <--------CLICK HERE
  10. Did anyone watch The probowl. Wow that was so boring. I bet a quarter of the seats were not filled. By the way go patriots
  11. hello ifx day I see your new to the community with your questions you should probably talk to SHANE, are you straight xbox or do you play PS3 to
  12. nevermind i just noticed what you need dang i dont have that one
  13. packer what you need i need one mt dew strike
  14. okay im down to one right now and would be appreciate if someone could help with this!
  15. you can connect thru elite you just have to go to the invite screen and just hit the r2 or right arrow anolog stick and it takes you there after two or three times
  16. i just need the two last ones please and thank you
  17. yeah same here i use fire as well and it alwasy pops up
  18. here ill put a trade in that is it
  19. hey irish i just need the last 3 of each one, the strike package that is
  20. could some1 hook me up as well