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  1. Just an observation for your troubleshooting. When one of the highlighted links on the right is clicked you get the error you see highlighted in the middle. it then continuously tries to refresh the page trying to correct the error.
  2. Bomb Queen is hysterical. I just checked out the new artists stuff its pretty badass
  3. Possibly we get to see sexy Unca V doing a videocast??? or maybe a hot chick with V's voice???
  4. I'm thinking they are working on something with the Chargers to get Vincent Jackson....that is only way this makes sense. The other possibility is that they think Tate is really a replacement, but this can't really be right.....right?
  5. Voted...keep it rolling....I love when we can together skew a vote! It is a good performance as well....but I like the skewing thing a lot
  6. Great Idea i think this will be fun for our normal games, but even more for all the rest
  7. Holy shit that is the biggest roster I have ever seen for FF....I'd throw Ward in that Ryan Grant spot, especially if it is PPR
  8. Ummm... One who Hones? You got HONED! ;D
  9. Cmdr Fury on Location?!? They let him out of the bunker? Another stellar podcast and a great idea, now we just need pics of this giant TV!
  10. At the time this thing seemed great....and may be for some people. Check out the latest reports on them though, the FDA concluded testing saying "nah," But the worst part of there findings was that there wasn't a lot of quality control in place; varying levels of nicotine in the cartridges and some "foreign" components in some cartridges.
  11. More people need to subscribe and comment on this in itunes! This is a great move and it is awesome to be able to download them all dating back to the first one.. Keep up the great work Cmdr
  12. This is the push, my boy is in third and climbing, we need to summon the power of UF once again!
  13. Whoa!!! WTF I just sent this to a Peruvian guy that works for me...more to come later.
  14. It would have been his birthday BB. R.I.P Dime Dimebag Squealing Lesson
  15. I have spent the better part of 4 years here now and can't imagine ever spending them anywhere else. That is because of what you guys created with your "crazy" thoughts, creative minds and tech knowledge. That has gotta be a really cool feeling, one that you'll both have forever. Your grand kids are never gonna believe this shit right here! lol If you need someone to corroborate your story you'll have about 1000 to choose from. Quite simply and echoed thousands of times over, Thank you. OK now I have been sitting on this damn Commander fury thing since podcast 1, I can finally breathe again when V gets on the mic and says something that Fury said. I feel, feel, that's nice.
  16. Wish I would have known you were a fan. That's awesome, I have heard countless interviews with Jorge Garcia and his contributions to the fan podcasts as well as his own blog, he is a very cool cat for sure.... Next time you'll know :-) We had dinner with Hugo. LOL...... Was able to get Season 1 signed for a friend of mine here back home.
  17. Cool Tow, looking forward to that. I have been following the Lost stuff, the last con for them and they had a pretty decent panel. I am way geeked out on this damn show. This is part 1 of the panel, the rest link from there.
  18. Hay just in case anyone missed it during the gum debate...Ravenfall is recruiting