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  1. There were many big announcements from E3 and we are looking to recruit mature adults that enjoy gaming and hanging with a pretty cool clan. We have well over 150 members across many games. With Rainbow Six Siege coming in October we have many members that have already confirmed they are getting the game. We will be starting there and then Star Wars Battlefront and The Division coming soon there will be lots of potential for tournaments and gaming with people you can get along with. Currently we have many members playing Elder Scrolls Online, but many still can be found on BF4 and COD:AW. If your interested in joining and awesome group of guys visit our site at Sign up on forums and introduce yourself. We will get back to you about joining the clan from there.
  2. For anyone that is looking for more players to game with on ESO, we currently have arround 20 guys that play regularly. We are trying to get everyone into the Guild, which is at 10 players right now. This has opened up the Guild Bank and Guild Shop. We are working on getting the number up to 50 players, so that we can open up the Guild trading. We currently are playing in the NA Servers in the Aldmeri Dominion Alliance. The Guild name is Shadow Corp. If you would like to join please search the guild name and apply. We look forward to taking over PVP and helping one another level up with end goal of dominating the end game content. Just an FYI most of the current members are cBF members.
  3. Stream Name: highaltitudegaming Author: DARKMESSIAH- Stream Submitted: 06 Jun 2015 Click to view stream
  4. Siege is definitely shaping up to be epic. If you haven't seen anything on it check it out! E3 in a month, will definitely be there!
  5. New site up for indie game reviews. If your a fan of indie games and want information this site is getting started and a lot of good posts have gone up. Check them out at
  6. I totally agree. That comes out I believe in the Summer, but it is game number 1 on my radar followed by watchdogs
  7. True, but again depends on where you buy your games. Also, Gamestop has never been accussed of having the cheapest used games for a reason. Again it all goes to preference and looking around for the best price. They are always out there somewhere.
  8. With all of the game delays it is hard to figure out what is available. What do you guys see as being the must have games up through MAR. 2014? I am currently really interested in Elder Scrolls Online, The Order: 1886 (If Out), Infamous, Driveclub (If actually released in Feb.), and Thief. Hopefully non of these get pushed back because I would really like to see my game collection grow soon. Luckily there is still the PS3 also, with many games to come out in that time period. What other game is making you excited about PS4? I can't wait for Watchdogs, The Division, and Dragon Age!
  9. Apparently there will be no party system for BF4, at least not in the immediate future. They said they will be providing cheaper server options (I believe like $3 a month) and that will allow you to invite friends and clan mates into the games. It also gives you more power over the map rotation and game modes. This will definitely make it easier to play as a clan and with friends, however I think DICE is missing the big picture on gamer desire for easy party system. Now for the good and the bad. I really like the new shooting features for sniping, the 64 player rooms, battle pack idea, and rank system. The new commander feature is really cool and the ability to log in from a tablet when at work or away from your PS4 is awesome because you get a chance to continue playing and ranking up your character. The things that I don't like are the vehicle controls, the very frequent error problem that boots you from game waiting all time you just spent in a room, the sniper goggles that spot guys everywhere (has led to way to many people sniping now), claymores killing you or your team mates in hardcore mode, random deaths from nothing, no party option and lack of server support. So much to work on and hopefully they get this game running smoothly soon. Hopefully with the cheaper servers we will see clans that haven't played on battlefield in the past make their way to the game, which is definitely better then any COD game currently available. It would help also if we set up a battlefield area to set up clan battles for fun and then clans could file into an empty server that would allow all members of a clan in without random people filling up the room.
  10. I agree with Shane, plus depending on what system you buy, you also have what many games that were bought used as PS4 does support this feature and for a far lower cost then the $59.99, which would totally throw some of those numbers off. Then if you own a PS3 and a PS4 you are also getting free PSN games on the PS3 every month, so in the end it is likely that you could be getting more games for less then you would with the computer. It all depends on how you buy things and when. Example is new PS4 games during black Friday were about $40. Also the quality of the gaming you get on a PC is definitely impacted by the amount of money you spend to have better parts that make the game better and smoother. This is why the war of what is better never works, because it is all upon user preference and what you want to get out of gaming. Great thread and information here though, thank you for posting!
  11. Having used the sniper rifles in both Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4, it is definitely easier for new snipers to use the sniper class on BF4. I don't mind the zero out feature, but what is sad is that you almost must have the goggles that everyone is using to spot your enemies and then fire away. Sadly because of these goggles, everyone is sniping way more often then used to. It makes some matches very boring as objective based maps are K/D heaven for players that don't care about winning the map and just want some easy kills as they sit off on the side of the maps sniping down at the players working to get the points and objectives. Almost makes it to where you have to pull out your sniper rifle just to have a chance at living. Would like to see that feature gone in the future. Otherwise the other changes to sniper class have been ok.
  12. In response to many complaints and requests, Turtle Beach has officially released a PS4 Chat Cable for the PlayStation 4. You can see a full list of current headphones that will be able to use the PS4 chat cable to allow owners of current Turtle Beach models the ability to use their expensive headsets now with this cable on the PS4 and allow both high quality sound that you have grown accustomed to, as well as the ability to chat by going to For direct access to the $6.95 accessory before tax and shipping and handling, go to Hope this helps struggling turtle beach owners and the option is a much cheaper one then buying a new headset made for PS4.
  13. Have you been looking for an established clan that is into respectful, clean and friendly gaming? Well we are currently looking for gamers who can share our beliefs of respecting each gamer and enjoying gaming with clan mates who aren't just PSN friends, but have become a close band of brothers and sisters. We currently are recruiting for Battlefield 4 players on both PS3 and PS4 systems and have been an organized clan since 2003. With almost 200 members of cBF we are looking to get our clan ready for future BF4 tournaments. We also have strong showings by other clan members on COD, SOCOOM, and many sports games. There is always a good clan mate to play with. If your interested visit us at We are currently only accepting mature individuals over 18 years of age. Look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!
  14. See the folks at SOF Studios are already a step in the Socom direction! With Shane on board we finally have an inside voice!!!!
  15. Yes, here is to hoping that Socom will stop getting pushed back and that we will have a game to bring back even the most ancient of us that have gone astray back to Socom!